Accordion w accordion from the plus addons for elementor
Demo - blurry image of people trying set their brand
Example of accordions with line edge border
Demo of accordion table
Image of people trying set their brand
Blurry image of collapsed table
Demo - blurry table of accordion
Image content accordions
Demo accordion with image carousel content
Demo:- accordion table

Advanced Accordion

Most advanced accordions widget for elementor with features like Horizontal/vertical layout, Stagger Load, Search bar, Auto play, Connection with Anything carousel and much more including SEO Schema feature.

#1 Accordions with images and icons

Provide each question with a unique design, by using images and icons for each question.

#2 Integrate Accordion with Carousel anything

Showcase-related illustrations or images for each question to provide a graphic representation of that query.

#3 Horizontal accordion

Create an accordion horizontally and use it for collapsible sections and make the website interesting.

#4 Integration of Accordion and Carousel anything

Showcase described answer in a tight space using Accordion and Carousel anything.


#5 Integrated Accordion with Tabs and tours

Integrate tabs and tours with an accordion to provide categorized FAQs on your website.

#6 Lottie animation with Accordion

Implement Lottie animations into your FAQs to increase user interaction on your website.

#7 Line edge border effect in accordion

Provide a line edge border in each answer or question to give it a good design.

  • Slider in Accordion


Provide a slider in the accordion to showcase more FAQs in a limited space of your website.


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Demo of question mark take a quiz image
  • #9 Set Autoplay/Pause in accordion


Implement an autoplay/Pause button with the accordion to showcase each question automatically one by one like a video.

  • #10 Search bar in Accordion


Use an integrated search bar for your FAQs page or section so user can search their query easily.

#11 Image carousel integrated with Accordion

Explain each query with graphical representation using a combination of image carousel and Advanced accordion widget.

#12 Accordion with integration of Carousel anything

Showcase steps or procedures of any process using text and graphical representation to provide a smooth experience to the users.

#13 Accordion with Stagger Animation

Create accordion with smooth animation by implementing stagger animation.

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More is always good, We have more demos that you can easily import on your website using our Live Copy Feature.

Old accordion accordion from the plus addons for elementor

Important Features Provided

By Accordion

Features which will help you create most amazing accordions on your WordPress based Elementor websites.
Horizontal and Vertical
Choose layout options as per requirements, We have options to choose from both of them. Most of all styles applies to both.
Carousel or Slider
Ever wanted to add more accordions but occupied space was too much? We have solution for that by option of Carousel.
All Collapsed
You can collapse all accordions on page load using our all collapsed option. You also have option to choose manually default active.
Expand Collapse Button
Having lots of accordions and wanted to give option to user to make all open or all close as a toggle button? That feature is included.
Scroll to Top
In responsive devices as well as in long pages, sometimes required to scroll accordion on top to drive attention when user opens that.
Auto Play/Pause option
Open and close accordions automatically based on manual timer options, with that auto play get a play pause icon for user to manage from frontend as well.
On Hover or On Click
Open and close accordions by mouse click or mouse hover. You can choose any one from them using widget’s options panel.
Search Bar inbuilt
Enable search bar option for your knowledge base or sites with huge FAQs on single page. It will efficiently search from all accordions using that search bar.
Schema markup
Enable “How to” Google Data Structure markup aka Schema Markup. It will help a lot in overall technical SEO of page.
Title tag selection
Make your switcher SEO friendly by using title tag option available, It will improve your technical SEO and help achieve SEO goals.
Anchor Link Option
Add anchor id using unique custom name and use that in URL. That way you can open switcher when someone visit page.
Set different alignments for different devices and give the perfect experience for every Users Device.
Clean coded
To make sure your site remains fast, we have coded this with perfection to avoid any extra CSS and jQuery Bloat. It’s made in vanilla JS.
On-scroll Animation
25+ unique on-scroll view animations to provide a smooth experience to the users.
Cross Browser Compatibility
No need to worry about browser compatibility. Accordions widget is tested for all popular and latest browsers support.
Copy-Paste demos
10+ demos just copy and paste into your Elementor editor using The Cross-Domain Copy-Paste feature.
Stagger Animation
Load accordions one by one by delay in each load to give unique animation effect. It will increase UX of FAQs.
Unlimited Customisability
160+ customization options are available to create a unique accordion for your website.
Responsive with all devices and also you have a few options to change according to your need.
RTL Ready
Most advanced alignment and positions options to make your accordion layout RTL ready.
Icon availability
Add your custom icon or choose from icon library to each tab and give an idea about content with creativity.
Border Customizations
Customize border by making changes into border radius and border type just by selecting from the list.
Widgets Compatibility
Connect with anything carousel, carousel remote and other widgets to create unique layouts.
Backdrop Filters
In depth options for backdrop filters to achieve unique effects like glassmorphisum and even more unique layouts.

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