Video Player

Brilliant tool with Powerful options to showcase your Youtube, vimeo and Self-hosted videos in style for WordPress using Elementor.
  • Skew, Angle and CSS Filter Options

  • YouTube, Vimeo and Self Hosted Support

  • Autoplay, Popup, Iframe Options

  • Cross browser Compatibility

Youtube  - Cover Image -  Video Title & Icon - Popup Play

Video thumbnail
Vimeo video with box shadow

Vimeo - Box Shadow - Cover Image - iframe Play

Self-hosted - Autoplay - No Controls + Unique Normal + Hover CSS Filters

Note : To make Self-hosted video autoplay, You have to make it Mute.

Self-hosted - Autoplay - No Controls + MASKING VIDEO

Video thumbnail

With Skew and Angle
rotate(1deg) skew(10deg)

Video thumbnail

With Skew and Angle
rotate(1deg) skew(-10deg)

Vimeo Direct iframe and customisation Options

Youtube iframe without Controllers

Self-hosted with controllers