Glass w glass morphism from the plus addons for elementor
Demo - squid game web layout
Smoke effect bank card design
Astronaut template design
Demo-glassmorphism infobox
Section layout of glassmorphism
Blur effect login page
Demo- blurry effect designs

Glass Morphism

Add Frosted Glass effect in Elementor without touching a single line of CSS code. Apply Blur Glass effect on all Elementor widgets like tabs, headers & footer, info boxes etc. for free

#1 Glassmorphism into hero section

Create a hero section to amaze your website visitors with the Glassmorphism effect in the first look.

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Downarrowframe glass morphism from the plus addons for elementor
Smart baking card glass morphism from the plus addons for elementor
Create designs with a current trend like glassmorphism to provide your website with a well-maintained and day-to-day updated look.

#2 Information box with blur background

Showcase your uniqueness by creating a blur background effect for the service or information box on your website.

About The plus add-ons

The plus add-ons are developed by Posimyth Innovations which are available for Elementor page builder as well as Gutenberg page builder also.

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#3 Blur glass effect in the header

Implement blur glass effect into the header and create an amazing-looking menu bar and many more.



Discover needed widgets for your website from a wide range of 120+ widgets of The plus add-ons for Elementor and satisfy your design requirement by just drag and drop. #Nocode
Demo-astronaut theme image

#4 Team member carousal with Frosted glass effect

Create a Team section on your website using the Frosted glass effect to showcase your team members.

#5 Service carousal with Glassmorphism

Design service carousal with blur background effect using glassmorphism.

#6 Glassmorphism with pricing table

Design pricing table and give background glassmorphism effect to tables.

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#7 Section-wise blur effect

Create a blur glass effect for a different section of your website and differentiate each information uniquely.

Plus Listings

Create different lists and also you can give it a frosted glass effect to make it more convenient like mobile menus which remove the boringness of lists for your users.
Demo- section layouts
Demo- section layouts
Plus Widgets
Use glassmorphism with 120+ widgets of The plus add-ons for Elementor for your WordPress website.

#8 Frosted glass Login form

Provide a great login/signup form to your new and existing customer by making form like frosted glass.

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#9 Squid game layout with glassmorphism

Create a whole new design with glassmorphism to be with new trends of social media to entertain your users on your website.

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Citypng 12 glass morphism from the plus addons for elementor
Use this free squid game layout on your website with glassmorphism and create your own Avatar and content.
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Demo- squid game doll theme
Squid Game Theory Leads

A popular fan theory for Netflix's Squid Game was debunked by the director, but the real explanation gets even darker and more depressing.

#9 Blur background video effect

Use video as background for any section and give a website fabulous effect.

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Key Features

1-Click Apply

You will get option of backdrop filter at most of the widget, column and sections settings after enabling glassmorphism option from plusextras.

Deeply Integrated

Frosted glass effect options are given in plus extras globally but on top of that, It’s added in some widgets with inner layouts as well for deep integration.

Blur & Grayscale

To achieve quality glassmorphism effect, You can customise Blur property as well as grayscale property using options.

No CSS Coding Required

Simply slide to get the right blur effect, no need to struggle by adding custom code snippets on every section with custom class.

8+ Featured demo

We have crafted unique demo designs from hero section, carousel to login form to show you the possibilities of this amazing widget.

Modern UI Trend

Frosted Blur glass effect has been in trend now by many popular designers to create amazing-looking polished UI.

Clean Coded

To make sure your site remains fast, we have coded this with minimal tags to avoid any extra
CSS and JS.

Responsive designs

Create any designs without worry about responsiveness for devices. Our all widgets are responsive.

Multi-Browser Compatibility

No need to worry about browser compatibility. All widgets of The plus addons are compatible with all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera etc.

Copy-Paste demos

8+ demos just copy and paste into your Elementor editor using The Cross-Domain Copy-Paste feature.

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