Google Maps

Advanced or simple needs of maps, We have covered all. One of the best Elementor Google Map widget with lots of options and multiple marker pin points.

  • 7+ Map Styles

  • Advanced customisation Options

  • Multiple Location Pinpoints

  • Map Overlay with Responsive Features

Advanced Google Map

Note: You need to setup Google API key from settings to make this widget work.

Location Here
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Map Styles

Collection of different styles

Zoom Values & Control Options

Select different zoom values and manage all controls

Roadmap + Zoom : 18 + No Controls

Hybrid + Zoom : 10 + Only Zoom Control and Draggable

Terrain + Zoom : 3 + All Controls

Map Overlay Content

Map overly with Rich content and switch

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Overlay Solid Color + Text

The Plus Addons

Overlay Gradient + HTML Content

Map with Multiple Pins

Possibilities of unlimited pins and details

Map with Cluster

Possibilities of cluster and details

Multiple Location Pins and Details