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Mouse Cursor

Customize your default mouse pointer with the best custom mouse cursor widget for your WordPress site. Easily change default mouse pointer with eye-catching different styles we provide or build your own.

  • Cursor Area Selection
  • Image / Icon / Text Options
  • All Web Predefined Style Options
  • Ultimate Design Options

Change Mouse Cursor Icon normal & Link Tag

You can use this in any section to make it look better in terms of UX or just for fun in elementor page builder.

  • Cursor Follow Image/Gif
  • Cursor Follow Typography
  • Complete Cursor Replacement with Image/Gif
  • Blend Mode Cursor
  • Body Progress Cursor
  • Unique Border Based Cursor
  • With Unlimited Possibilities!
Use me Creatively 🤠

Check Blend Mode Cursor
On this Section

Improve your UX or use for Fun
We have worked hard to make your all web dreams fulfilled. You just need to think and our set of designs, development options and robust framework will help you to achieve that with pride. You now can create the way you want with tons of options and lots of possibilities. You can just make your self ready with intuitive backend in few time.


Cursor with border, Give it a try and Your visitors will love it.

Lots of cursor types in one widget of elementor to build the most amazing websites with a unique look and feel. This will improve UX drastically of your elementor based WordPress website.

Check Body Scroll Mouse Cursor 👇🏻

Why Custom Mouse Cursor ?

Feedback is a very important UX trait. And when you can provide it this easily, why wouldn’t you !!!
Looks Great
Most of the sites you’ll visit with the best web design trends, you’ll notice custom mouse pointers. They design a pointer which matches their web UI, which definitely will be eye-catching and a great part of UI as well.
Browsers have predefined different styles of mouse cursors, which automatically changes when it's necessary. Like on any link mouse pointer will turn in hand or on text hovering the pointer will turn into text selector.
Improved UX
Being informative about the content you’ve placed is a sign of great UX. And when you can easily become informative by using the best custom mouse pointer widget for elementor, why wouldn’t you use it !!!
Have you ever noticed a mouse pointer in video games ? While playing Chess, mouse pointer used to turn into a hand, A great orientation of skills.

Advanced Features

Area Selection Options
Choosing a custom mouse pointer doesn’t mean you have to go with that one on wherever you scroll to. Select where you want the custom mouse pointer and use it there only.
Blazing Fast
No, our custom mouse cursor widget will not tone down your scrolling experience. An amazing fast response, as fast as the default mouse pointer.
Multiple Customization Options
Use Icon, Image, Text, Circles with / in place of default mouse cursor, make it look more engaging. All these surface options also come with their individual in-depth customization options as well.
All Web Predefined Styles
By Default web browsers provide different mouse pointers for different kinds of content, but the problem is you can’t choose which one to use your way. We broke that barrier, choose whatever default mouse you want for any content.
Follow Text Options
A Follow Text option which will attach a tool-tip containing your choice of text along with the mouse pointer, text with all the customization options.
Follow Circle Options
Can’t find your mouse pointer ? Put a circle around it using the Follow Circle option and always keep your mouse pointer handy !!!
Ultimate Design Customization
Customize every single element you can see. From mouse pointer size to Follow Text fonts, everything is flexible to customize.
No Coding / Learning Curve
No watching videos, No learning extra stuff, Not a single line of code required to display your social reviews on a website
Amazing Customer Support
The Plus Add-ons is the best add-ons for elementor page builder with an immense widgets library. But out of all this, customer support is the best feature we’re known for.

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