Circle Menu

Display your call to action menu with amazing style and based on open/close method to keep it small in the beginning. It have bubble menu, flat menu and other variations.
  • 300+ Customisation Options

  • Unique Prebuilt Menu Styles

  • Advanced Responsive Options

  • Cross browser Compatibility

Circular Bubble Menu

It's  amazing elementor based widget of circle menu in wordpress. You can  achieve different circle navigation menu variations using this option.

  • Circle Radius Options
  • Open Close Animation Options

  • Icon + Background Styles

  • Inner Padding + Box Shadow Options

  • Amazing Tooltip Options

  • All Responsive Options

Half Circle Menu

  • On Click Open

  • One by One Open

  • All together Open

  • Delay in Close

  • Right - Left - Top - Bottom Variations

  • On Hover Icons (It will close after few seconds on your hover out.)

Straight Typography Menu

Enter only text or only icons and choose your direction for the bubble  menu for elementor.

Arc Bubble Menu

Select Arc menu option and setup that in as per your needs. You can select from various directions for arc menu in elementor widget.

Sticky | Fixed Option with offset value

Now make your circle menu sticky, fixed on page. You can setup offset value as well, Which you can use to show your circle menu after X pixels. 

  • Top Center

  • Top Right

  • Top Left

  • Middle Right

  • Middle Left

  • Bottom Left

  • Bottom Right

  • Bottom Center

Right Half

Check some extra variations made using this Widget as below :

Full Menu

Straight Top

Right Half

Full Menu

Right Half

Top Half

Bottom Half

Left Half

Top Right

Top Half

Bottom Left

Bottom Right


Top Left




Bottom Right

Straight Right

Straight Left

Top Left

Straight Top

Straight Left

Straight Right

Straight Bottom