Popup Builder

Create popup in the easiest and most creative way with
the widely carried out way of engaging the audience
into your business. Explore our Popup Builder’s UI and UX
characteristics and get some use case ideas to
implement our widget on the go.

  • Tons of customization options
  • Most unique pop-up variations
  • Multiple trigger options
  • Designed for maximum conversions
Popup image 1 final popup builder from the plus addons for elementor

Off Canvas Options

  • Reveal Content
  • Slide Open
  • Push Content
  • Corner Box
  • Slide Along Content
  • Position Variations
  • Hamburger Icon Styles
  • Fixed Position
  • Scroll Bar Options
  • Close Button Options

Modal Popup Options

  • Image Content
  • Elementor Template
  • iFrame Content
  • Work with any Widget
  • In Out Animations
Popup image 2 final popup builder from the plus addons for elementor
Popup image 4 final popup builder from the plus addons for elementor

Set Trigger to See Popup in Action

  • Page Load
  • On Click
  • On Scroll
  • Exit Inlet
  • Scroll to Element
  • After Inactivity

Find Some Extra Ordinary Conditions

  • After X Page Views
  • Arriving from Specific URL
  • On Any Other Element’s Click
  • For Specific Time Interval
  • Show X Times per User
Popup image 5 final popup builder from the plus addons for elementor
Popup image 6 final popup builder from the plus addons for elementor

Made for Expert Marketers using Display Rules

  • Login Status
  • Browser Type
  • Operating System
  • User Roles
  • Date & Time
  • Dynamic Page Conditions
  • ACF Fields
Collection of 25+ Ready to use & Unique Layouts
Popup 1 popup builder from the plus addons for elementor
Popup, A Best Agent for Your Marketing Missions
A Youtube Video
Chatbot / Autoresponder
Floating Shopping cart
Offer a Coupon
Gallery Slideshow
Sale Counter
Exclusive Content
Call To Action
Social Icons / Sharing
Cookie Notification

Easy Steps, Impressive Results

The Plus Add-ons has the best popup builder widget among all the products in comparison. Here’s why everyone is choosing The Plus & what you can get if you choose it too !
Convert More Visitors into Customers
Pop-ups were developed to catch the attention of visitors and try to convert him into a customer, we apply that same analogy here.
Capture Immense Leads
Analyze the behaviour of visitors and offer them the other content or product suggestions they might be interested in.
Scale Down Bounce Rate
Visitor is leaving your website without any purchase ? No issues, we got you. Use exit inlet pop-up and offer something good before he leaves empty handed.
Get More Subscribers
Accelerate your subscription list by popping the box at the right time in front of visitors and offer them a best content subscription in exchange for their email.

Advance Features

Test & Tune in Real Time
Use Elementor’s pre-built best in class back-end editor, add The Plus Addons for Elementor and see the popup builder in action.
Vast Design Options
Enormous list of design options rom box width to close icon styles to create a detailed element of surprise for users.
Dynamic Template Option
No need to worry about setting conditions like old times, want it on the page ? Then put it there, easy peasy.
Get Comfortable with Smooth UX Options
Options for Opening direction, Opening triggers, Button options, Icon library and much more!
Tweak It for Different Display Sizes
Google search engine is highly sensitive about hard-to-close popups and started removing mobile-friendly tags from it’s SEO reports. So keep it different for each display size !
No Coding / Learning Curve
The Plus designs UI and researches user experience for all the audience from Professional Web Developers to a Normal Web User. No additional tutorials or reading heavy stuff required.