Embed Google maps

Build trust among your customers by providing a physical address of your business on your WordPress website using Google maps.

#1 Embedded google map with a roadmap

Embed Google Maps on your WordPress website and showcase your business address with all needed details

#2 Google maps embedded with styles

Choose your map style from 6+ unique maps and help your customers to reach your office.

Google Map Embed

Place Mode

Google Map Embed

Direactions Mode + Satellite

Google Map Embed

Streetview Mode

Important Features Provided By

Google maps embed the widget

Provide important address with Google

1-Click Apply
In a simple click, add Google maps for your business address on the WordPress website.
Setup Multiple Pins
Provide details about multiple offices of your business in one map by implementing multiple pins.
Map overlay
Showcase content on your Embedded google map using the Map overlay feature to showcase important content.
Customization Freedom
Customize google maps embedded with heading, subheading, and typography without writing a single line of code. #Nocode
Responsive with all devices, Also can be modified for a particular device.
Clean coded
No junk with the code. optimized for performance.
Copy-Paste demos
Multiple demos are available, just copy and paste into your Elementor editor using The Cross-Domain Copy-Paste feature.
On-scroll Animation
25+ unique on scroll view animations to provide a smooth experience to the users.
The security of the website is our top priority. No junk or loopholes in code.
No need to worry about browser compatibility. All widgets of The plus add-ons are compatible with all browsers.

We have the answers you need

Still, have any questions in mind ?

Not at all, we have a smart optimized asset delivery method where only 1 CSS and 1 JS will load, to reduce unnecessary extra code bloat.
We are the 1st Elementor Addon to bring you the power of unused widget’s scanner for both Elementor and The Plus widgets, using which you can disable all the unused widgets in one click. Which will complete deregistering the code for other widgets as if they never existed. See Live Demo
Create a website using WordPress and Elementor page builder and use the plus add-ons for Elementor where you can find a widget for Embedded google maps which can be easily set up and customizable.
Yes, The plus add-ons for Elementor provide a widget for embedded google maps.
The Timer countdown widget will work perfectly fine with the Elementor Free version.
Use Elementor page builder with The plus add-ons for Elementor where you can find a widget for Google maps and you can easily integrate an office address with embedded maps in your WordPress website.
Yes, use multiple pin options to showcase multiple addresses on your website with the Google map embed widget.
No, This is our premium widget. With a premium plan, you can access our 120+ widgets starting at just $39, Get Pro
Yes, you can choose from 7 unique styles of maps by using Google maps embed widget.
Yes, you can choose Roadma, Hybrid, Satellite or terr
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