World Environment Day — #GoGreen With POSIMYTH

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World Environment Day serves us as a reminder that we only have one Earth to live on and that we should do everything in our power to preserve it in order to create a better future 🌱

Why Is This Important For You?

IT world plays a major role in global carbon production, and every single website out there leaves a carbon footprint. It’s logical to assume — the lighter and faster your website is the less effort from machines is needed, therefore less energy consumption is made. Yes, your WordPress website matters! 💚

This World's Environment Day #GoGreen with POSIMYTH Innovations. We Plant 1 Tree for every purchase this month. #EnviromentDay #OneEarth #Elementor #WordPress

How Is POSIMYTH Contributing To The Environment Day

Here at POSIMYTH, we’re not just celebrating this day — we’re making the entire month of June environment-friendly.

👉 All our websites are hosted on Green Servers which are the latest energy-efficient technologies that do not contain obsolete systems (such as inactive or underused servers) — they are powered by renewable energy.

👉 We are doing our best to raise awareness among every single visitor on our site — for the entire month of June, our websites are colored in green with trees as the main theme.

👉 We don’t use trees just virtually — for every single purchase this month we will plant a tree.

👉 Our products are optimized for maximum performance and are super lightweight. As technologies evolve so do we — our goal will always be the most efficient product.

world environment day green servers

We Need YOU!

Help us help planet Earth! If you are managing or running a plugin company, we invite you to join this quest with us, make our industry greener, bring awareness wherever we can, and plant the seeds for a better tomorrow! 🌎💚

If you’re running your own website, regardless of its size, you still matter! Choose your hosting providers wisely, make sure they have the least carbon footprint, and improve your websites with plugins that don’t just focus on features but on efficiency as well! 🍀

Make sure you stay tuned in on our newsletter list because we will be posting updates on tree planting at the beginning of July!