Which Plan Should you choose – Ultimate Buying Guide for The Plus Addons for Elementor?

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We offer various pricing plans for The Plus Addons for Elementor to cater to the needs of different users. This guide will help you understand our various plans and their use cases, so you can make an informed decision.

Our pricing is mainly classified into 3 categories:

  1. Plan – Starter, Professional & Studio
  2. Bundle – Pro, Essential & Agency
  3. Type – Yearly & Lifetime

Site Count1 Site5 WebsitesUnlimited Sites
BundlesPro PluginEssential BundleAgency Bundle
The Plus Addons for Elementor
Nexter Theme
The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

Plan – Starter, Professional & Studio

Based on the site count, our plans cater to different user needs:

  • Starter (1 Site): Perfect for individual users or small businesses that only need to manage one website. 
  • Professional (5 Websites): Ideal for freelancers or agencies managing multiple websites for clients.
  • Studio (Unlimited Sites): Suitable for large agencies or developers with many websites to manage.

All our plans come with unlimited staging & development sites. They are considered staging if:

  • localhost
  • yourdomain.dev
  • yourdomain.local
  • dev.yourdomain.TLDs
  • staging.yourdomain.TLDs

Bundles – Pro, Essential & Agency

  1. Pro Plugin: If you only require The Plus Addons for Elementor addon to use with the theme you like, then this bundle is for you.
  2. Essential Bundle: This comes with our Elementor Addon & our super powerful Nexter Theme. If you’re looking for the lightest Theme with a powerful Theme Builder and more. Then this plan is for you.
  3. Agency Bundle: Our complete product bundle which includes The Plus Addons for Elementor, The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg & Our Nexter Theme. If you’re an agency owner who builds websites for clients for both Elementor & Gutenberg page builder, then this is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a Theme, Why do I Need Nexter?

Nexter offers numerous benefits over other themes, such as:
– Enhanced performance
– Inbuilt security features
– Extensive customizability
– Seamless integration with Elementor and The Plus Addons
– Powerful Theme Builder included
– jQuery-free design for faster load times
– Additional features like Google reCAPTCHA, Performance Booster, Branded WP Admin, Code Snippets, 2FA Google, Adobe & Custom Font, and more

If you’re looking for a more optimized and feature-rich Theme,then  Nexter is a perfect choice.

It’s lighter like Hello Elementor Theme with all the missing features you require to give you a seamless experience.

I just need your Elementor Addon, which plan should I opt for?

If you only need The Plus Addons for Elementor and don’t require the Nexter Theme or The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg, you should choose the “Pro Plugin” bundle. You can then select the plan (Starter, Professional, or Studio) based on your site count requirements.

I don’t have Elementor PRO, which plan should I go for?

If you don’t have Elementor PRO, we recommend choosing the “Essential Bundle” or higher. The Essential Bundle includes the Nexter Theme, which comes with a powerful Theme Builder that can provide similar functionality to Elementor PRO.

I am an agency owner who builds websites for both Gutenberg and Elementor, which is the right plan for me?

As an agency owner who works with both Gutenberg and Elementor, the “Agency Bundle” is the right choice for you. This bundle includes The Plus Addons for Elementor, Nexter Theme, and The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg. Select the plan (Starter, Professional, or Studio) based on the number of websites you manage.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan in the future?

Yes, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan anytime. To learn more about upgrading your plan, please read this guide (add the link to the guide on upgrading plans).

All our plugins come with white-labeling, allowing you to brand them under your agency name, ensuring your clients see your company name when using our products.

Finally, our pricing options provide flexibility with both yearly and lifetime plans. For yearly plans, you can enjoy a 20% discount on continuous renewals. Alternatively, you can opt for our Lifetime pricing, which allows you to make a one-time payment and receive lifetime technical support and updates. 

Our ecosystem aims to provide a comprehensive solution for all your web design needs, reducing the need for additional plugins from different developers.

Choose the right plan and bundle for your needs and enjoy a seamless experience with The Plus Addons for Elementor. Happy designing!

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