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Dark mode, also known as night theme mode, is a display setting that uses a dark color scheme instead of the traditional light one. It not only adds a sleek and modern look, but it adds potential health benefits such as reducing eye strain.

With the Dark Mode widget from The Plus Addons for Elementor, you can easily add dark mode to your Elementor website.

Required Setup

Learn via Video Tutorial:

How to Activate the Dark Mode Widget?

Go to 

  • The Plus Settings Plus widgets 
  • Search the widget name and turn on the toggle then click Save.
Dark mode active

Key Features

How to Add Dark Mode in Elementor?

To add the dark mode option on the entire website you should add the Dark Mode widget to the header or footer template.

To place it on a particular page, you can simply add it on that page, you don’t require any Theme Builder.

To create the template, you can use the free Nexter Builder or you can use Elementor Pro if you are already using it.

Dark Mode

From the Type dropdown, you can select the dark mode type. Here you’ll find two options – 

Global Color – To create a dark mode using Elementor global colors. Here you can add an alternative shade for each color that you want to convert to dark mode

Mix Blend – To create a dark mode based on the mix blend mode. This uses the traditional methods and inverts colors using color blend modes.

Dark mode settings

Let’s select Global Color here.

Note: To use the Global Color option make sure the layout elements are using the set Elementor global colors only. 

From the Style dropdown, you can select a style for the dark mode swatch.


From this tab, you can position the dark mode swatch to right and bottom from the Right Offset and Bottom Offset toggles respectively.

Global Color

From this tab, you have to set the dark mode colors for your selected Elementor global colors. 

Dark mode global color

By default, you’ll find four tabs same as available in the System Colors section of the Elementor Global Color options.

Open any item, here you can change the item label from the Label field and in the Color section, you have to set the dark mode color.

Similarly, you have to add dark mode colors in the remaining repeater items.

You can click on the + Add Item button to add more colors if you’ve added any custom colors in the Elementor Global Color options

Here the dark mode colors will be set based on the item sequence. 

So, any item placed at first will replace the primary color, second item will replace the secondary color and so on.

Note: Make sure to maintain the same sequence for dark mode global colors and normal global colors. You might get unexpected results in dark mode if there is any mismatch in the sequence. 

Extra Options

In this tab, you’ll find some additional options.

Dark mode extra options

Save in Cookies – By enabling this toggle, you can remember the user’s choice, so on the next visit it will automatically open the website accordingly.

Auto Match OS Theme – By enabling this toggle, you can make it automatically match the user’s OS theme.

Ignore Dark Mode – From this toggle, you can exclude items from the dark mode based on CSS classes.

Now, based on your settings when you toggle the dark mode switcher your website will turn to dark mode.

Dark mode demo dark mode widget: settings overview from the plus addons for elementor

How to Style the Dark Mode Widget?

To style the dark mode toggle you’ll find all the options in the Style tab.

Switcher – From here, you can style the switcher. You can manage the switcher size, height, background etc.

Dark mode style

Switcher Text – From here, you can add the switcher text and manage the typography, color, and offset.

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