Mouse cursor icon change og mouse cursor icon change from the plus addons for elementor

Mouse Cursor Icon Change

Using this widget you can change mouse cursor or icon, setup follow cursor image or you can setup text based mouse cursor style. Which help your visitors to know about any column or you can improve your UX.
  • Mouse Cursor to PNG/GIF
  • Mouse Cursor Follow Image
  • Cursor Follow Text
  • Cross Device & Browser Tested

Change Mouse Cursor Icon normal & Link Tag

You can use this in any section to make it look better in terms of UX or just for fun in elementor page builder.

  • Cursor Follow Image/Gif
  • Cursor Follow Typography Block
  • Complete Cursor Replacement with Image/Gif

Improve your UX or use for Fun

3 Unique Mouse cursor Styles. Cursor Image, Follow Cursor & Cursor Follow Text

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Special Cursor Pointers
For Each Columns