May 2024 Monthly Updates: Woo Product FOMO Countdown, 2 New Geo-Location Display Conditions API & More.

Updated on June 6, 2024 by Editorial Team

In The Plus Addons for Elementor v5.5.3, you can now easily set up FOMO sales countdowns on your WooCommerce product pages. This feature helps you increase sales on your WooCommerce store.

Sales countdowns may 2024 monthly updates: woo product fomo countdown, 2 new geo-location display conditions api & more. From the plus addons for elementor

Next, we’ve added two more free location APIs to our Display Conditions based on Geo Location. This ensures highly specific display conditions based on user location.

Display conditions may 2024 monthly updates: woo product fomo countdown, 2 new geo-location display conditions api & more. From the plus addons for elementor

We’ve also made improvements across multiple widgets, including the performance of our carousels.

For all the changes, check out the complete changelog here.

Looking ahead, our upcoming updates are designed for WooCommerce store users, focusing on building a strong sales funnel.

We’re releasing

  1. Woo Product Wishlist
  2. Quick View for Products
  3. Recently Viewed Products with OSM Map integration.

Stay tuned for more details!

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🗞️ — WordPress & Tech Bytes

  1. Figma to Elementor Convertor UiChemy released its major 2.0 Upgrade with key updates & features for best Elementor design conversion.
  2. We’re sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2024! Visit our booth for a live demo and see UiChemy 2.0 in action.
  3. Elementor Celebrates 8th Birthday with Up to 30% Off on Elementor PRO Upgrade — Check Out the Deal
  4. Elementor 3.21 Launches with Loop Taxonomy Query for Listings, Performance Enhancements, and Additional AI Features
  5. The Elementor AI 0.4 release, showcasing a 58% content uplift through contextual for improved workflow, Explore its Additional Features.
  6. Releases Free and Open Source Local Development Tool ‘Studio’ for Windows Users
  7. WordPress 6.5.4, a maintenance release that addressed the AJAX plugin activation issue from version 6.5, is expected on June 5, 2024. The release candidate had been set for May 30, 2024, and the update restored the auto-redirect after plugin activation.
  8. Google Announces Shutdown of Business Profile Chat Feature, Completed by July 31st.
  9. Leak of Google Search API Documentation Sparks Intense Debate in SEO Community.
  10. Rich Tabor, sponsored by Automattic, Ready to Address Your all WordPress Queries.
  11. On June 11, 2024, WooCommerce 9.0 set to release, featuring UI enhancements for checkout and product collection blocks, alongside the renaming of classic block templates.
  12.  Google hints at potential ranking improvements in the next update: John Mueller from Google’s Search team suggests that they are “explicitly evaluating” how to reward sites that produce helpful, high-quality content when the next core update is rolled out.
  13. has introduced scheduled updates for plugins, enabling users to set precise times and days for updates.
  14.  WordPress 6.5.3 marks a short-cycle release. The upcoming major release, version 6.6, is scheduled for July 2024.

🗣️— Word of the Month

Really good product, and excellent assistance!

I tested many other plugins that added functionality to Elementor, this was to save me hours of code when developing websites.I used plugins like Royal Elementor, Unlimited Elements For Elementor, Essential Addons for Elementor, ElementsKit Elementor, Jeg Elementor Kit and other similar ones which in the end led to the breaking of the website where they were used every time wordpress released a new version, this was due to the delays in releasing updates, thus leaving me bitterly disappointed.In March 2023, with initial distrust, I approached the plugin THE PLUS for Elementor.After several tests on old Wordpress versions that I had locally and which I updated to the next version, for testing, I realized the stability of the THE PLUS for Elementor plugin.So I made the decision to test it online on the websites of two of my clients who accepted to be testers, I was surprised and truly satisfied with THE PLUS for Elementor, so much so, that I asked to be able to establish an official partnership and purchase the entire range of products from their company Posimyth, testing them and realizing that they are really valid. I highly recommend you visit their product range. I leave you their: store posimythI have a serious suggestion to make to them.In my opinion they should develop their own BUILDER for their entire range and become completely independent, they are good programmers and deserve to have great success, but, as I already said to them once: “Always remember that innovation must be maintained and improved! ” Thank you very much also for the truly excellent, fast and effective assistance you give to your customers. Silvino Elia GuarneriCEO FounderGSE StudioWeb LTD

~ @gsestudioweb

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