Celebrating 100,000 Strong with The Plus Addons for Elementor!

Updated on October 11, 2023 by Sagar Patel

At The Plus Addons, we’ve been on an incredible journey, and today, we’re thrilled to share a monumental milestone with you – we’ve reached over 100,000 active installations! 🎉

Our journey began with a vision – a vision to empower and elevate your creativity with The Plus Addons for Elementor. 

From the very start, we set out to make website building easier, more dynamic, and more enjoyable. Today, we stand here, not just as a number but as a testament to the trust and support you’ve placed in us.

From 0 to 100,000 – A Remarkable Journey : A Celebration of Your Success

Reaching 100,000 active installations is a significant achievement, and it didn’t happen overnight. Our journey has been one of passion, dedication, and collaboration. We’ve grown together as a community, learning from each other, and creating websites that reflect your unique visions.

The plus addons for elementor 2 celebrating 100,000 strong with the plus addons for elementor! From the plus addons for elementor

Each of those 100,000 installations represents a unique story – your story. Your creative endeavors, your projects, your websites – all brought to life with The Plus Addons for Elementor. 

We’ve had the privilege of being a part of your success stories, and for that, we’re immensely grateful.

It’s About Trust and Community

Posimyth team scaled celebrating 100,000 strong with the plus addons for elementor! From the plus addons for elementor

This achievement goes beyond numbers; it’s about trust and community. It’s about the countless hours you’ve spent building, designing, and innovating with The Plus Addons. It’s about the feedback, the support, and the connections we’ve built along the way.

What’s Next?

We’re not stopping here. Our commitment to you remains as strong as ever. We’re dedicated to making The Plus Addons even better, more powerful, and more user-friendly. We’re excited to bring you more features, updates, and opportunities to enhance your website-building experience.

In our pipeline for The Plus Addons for Elementor, we have some exciting features and widgets on the horizon. This includes a revamp of our caching algorithm, advanced horizontal scroll options, advanced WooCommerce widgets, and many more improvements to ensure a better user experience with TPAE.

What’s more, we’re eager to contribute even more to the Elementor ecosystem. That’s why we’re introducing projects like:

  1. UiChemy: We’re sharing the beta version at to enhance your Elementor workflow. We value your feedback, so please give it a try and let us know how it can be improved.
  2. WDesignKit: This kit will feature hundreds of ready design templates and a widget builder. We’re launching a “Free 100 Widgets in 100 Days Challenge,” so you can request stylish buttons, effects, or any standalone widget you desire. 
Wdesignkit celebrating 100,000 strong with the plus addons for elementor! From the plus addons for elementor

More details about this initiative will be released soon, but you can already start sharing your widget requests using this form.

Our mission is to continually expand the Elementor ecosystem, and we’ll keep working towards that goal. Your feedback and support are vital to our progress, and we look forward to enhancing your website-building experience.

20 checklist for wordpress site maintenance celebrating 100,000 strong with the plus addons for elementor! From the plus addons for elementor
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    Big Thank You and a Virtual Hug!

    We want to take a moment to say thank you – thank you for believing in us, for trusting us, and for being a part of our journey. Your support has been the driving force behind this achievement.

    So, here’s to you and to the next 100,000 installations and beyond! Let’s keep building, designing, and achieving together! 🚀🌟

    Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and thank you for being a part of The Plus Addons community!

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