Learn Elementor: Best YouTube Channels, Blogs & Communities

Elementor is widely regarded as one of the best page builders on the market. With over a third of the world’s websites built on WordPress, and with Elementor running 7% of those, it’s easy to see why in the annual Torque Magazine Plugin Madness Elementor came out in top place out of 55,000 WordPress plugins.

Unsurprisingly, a significant number of YouTube channels, blogs, and communities have popped up, offering advice, discussing new features, and providing interesting tidbits of information about Elementor. 

If you like to develop sites using Elementor, following these blogs or channels is an excellent way to learn new things about Elementor.

In this piece, we are going to talk about some of the most popular channels, communities, and blogs that you can follow if you want to learn Elementor.

YouTube Channels

Here are some of the best YouTube channels to learn about Elementor.

1. Elementor

elementor youtube channel

Top on this list is the official YouTube channel for Elementor. As you can imagine, they regularly upload videos about the page builder, talking about upcoming fixes, the latest updates, and providing insightful information. 

They upload several videos a month, ranging from different topics such as how to make digital business cards, displaying copyright dates, and other things. It’s a great resource for people who want to learn about Elementor and stay up to date with the latest releases.

2. POSIMYTH Innovations

posimyth innovations youtube channel

POSIMYTH Innovations is a rapidly-growing YouTube channel that offers lots of tutorials and video guides for using Elementor. 

POSIMYTH is the company behind The Plus Addons for Elementor, which is a collection of 120+ widgets that you can integrate with your Elementor page builder to greatly improve its functionality. 

Many of the tutorials talk about the different widgets, the features, and how they can help you improve your workflow and add more functionality to your websites. 

More importantly, the channel also publishes broader WordPress tutorials that are great for developers who want to know how to create more engaging websites. 

3. WPTuts

wp tuts youtube channel

WPTuts is one of the best channels for learning all you need to know about WordPress and Elementor. With more than 126k subscribers, it doesn’t just focus on Elementor but talks about WordPress as a whole.

They release training videos talking about specific topics twice a week, with many of these focusing on Elementor. It’s an excellent platform for developers who want to learn about different features in Elementor and how they can use the functionality of this page builder. 

4. Darrel Wilson

darrel wilson youtube channel Learn Elementor: Best YouTube Channels, Blogs & Communities from The Plus Addons for Elementor

Darrel Wilson’s YouTube channel is another excellent resource for people who want to learn Elementor. He creates elaborate videos, offering step-by-step guides on how to use Elementor. 

Many of Darrel’s videos focus on Elementor, so it’s another resource that you simply shouldn’t miss. If you’re a budding developer and just getting to grips with Elementor, these videos are a great way to get started.

5. WPCrafter

wpcrafter youtube channel

WPCrafter’s channel is a fantastic resource for people who want to learn about Elementor. They have dedicated playlists for different page builders, including one for Elementor. 

It’s an excellent resource for developers who are new to the scene, and non-techies who want to learn about Elementor. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t just for non-techies; many of the tutorials are quite complex and will help you sharpen your skills as a developer. 

6. WPLearningLab

wplearning lab

WPLearningLab is an excellent channel for learning about WordPress and Elementor. The channel goes into extensive detail about different Elementor settings, customization, and techniques that you can use to improve your website’s performance and overall presentation. 

7. WebYoda

web yoda youtube channel

WebYoda’s channel is a fantastic resource for people who want to learn about different design techniques and create good-looking websites. It’s an excellent platform that provides really detailed tutorials which are ideal for beginners. 

There are also courses and different certifications available on the website that you can go for as well if you want to add some social proof to your skills.


Now, let’s talk about some of the best blogs that you can follow to learn more about Elementor.

8. The Plus Addons for Elementor

tpae blog

The Plus Addons for Elementor is one of the best resources that you can use to learn about Elementor. As mentioned, the Plus Addons for Elementor are a set of 120+ widgets, but the team behind this addon continues to publish relevant content about Elementor in general. 

9. The Official Elementor Blog

elementor blog

The Official Elementor Blog is an excellent resource that offers a wide range of tutorials, including news, interviews, and guest posts related to Elementor. 

The reason why it’s number two on this list is that apart from simply focusing on Elementor, the blog also talks about business in general, offering broader advice on project management or business growth.

10. Elementor Developers

elementor developers blog

If you’re a developer, the Elementor Developers Blog is an excellent resource for learning about Elementor. The blog includes extensive documentation for professionals who are experienced in Elementor development. 

If you need more technical guides related to Elementor, there’s hardly anything better than Elementor Developers that you can refer to. From learning about the technologies that power Elementor to technical guides, this is one of the best resources for advancing your understanding of Elementor.

11. Elementor Academy

elementor academy homepage

The Elementor Academy is an excellent resource for people who are just starting their journey with Elementor. The Academy simply curates videos on different topics, starting from designing to business growth to using specific widgets.

The reason why it’s under this category is because all of the linked videos are from YouTube. It’s a fantastic resource that includes detailed videos on building a blog or more complex things, like adding motion effects or animations.


If you have a question that you’d like to ask fellow Elementor developers, there are quite a few communities that you can join. Here are some of the most active ones.

12. WordPress Support

wordpress support website

The Elementor Website Builder discussion in WordPress Support is arguably one of the most active community forums that you can join. If you have an issue with Elementor, you can post it here. 

You’ll get responses from other developers, but apart from that, you might also receive a response from Elementor’s official support. You can also take a look at different support threads, as well as resolved topics.

13. The DEV Community

the dev community website

The DEV Community has one of the most extensive community forums related to Elementor. You can post different queries and get responses from highly qualified developers in the forum. 

In many cases, because the community is so active, there’s a very high chance that the question you have might already have been answered on the forum.

14. The Plus Addons for Elementor Community

The Plus Addons for Elementor Community is one of the best Facebook groups that you can join to learn about different features in Elementor, and to connect with fellow members. 

Owned and moderated by the team at POSIMYTH Innovations, who are the creators for The Plus Addons for Elementor, this is an excellent group for people who want to learn about Elementor development. 

You can ask questions, talk to the admins, and generally discuss all of the latest happenings around Elementor. It’s quite active, so you won’t have to wait long for your query to get answered.

There’s No Shortage of Resources to Learn Elementor

Elementor powers more than 5 million sites on the web. These are just some of the many resources that you can follow to learn more about Elementor. However, experience is the best teacher, so the more you design with Elementor, the better you’ll get. 

If you want to further improve Elementor’s design capabilities, try out The Plus Addons for Elementor. It’s an excellent set of widgets that you can use to create stylish websites.