5 Best WordPress Multipurpose Themes For Elementor

Updated on April 17, 2024 by Editorial Team

Are you looking for the best multipurpose WordPress themes that can be easily integrated with Elementor? Then you’re at the right place!

WordPress multipurpose themes are designed to help anyone achieve anything with their website. In the past, you had to buy different WordPress themes for different types of websites.

However, multipurpose themes have changed that by offering pre-built templates for various purposes.

These templates allow you to create corporate websites, business websites, personal blogs, and even portfolio websites. They are very flexible, giving you the freedom to be creative while keeping your website looking good.

Choosing the right multipurpose theme from the wide range of WordPress themes available can be overwhelming, but don’t worry!

We’re here to help. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the top five WordPress multipurpose themes specifically designed for Elementor.

So, let’s start by understanding what multipurpose themes actually are!

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What are Multipurpose WordPress Themes?

Multipurpose WordPress themes are incredibly versatile and can meet a wide range of website needs.

These themes are like a one-size-fits-all solution, offering flexibility and convenience for all types of users. The best part is you don’t need to know how to code to use them!

With multipurpose themes, you’ll find a variety of ready-to-use templates, layouts, and designs that work well, even on mobile devices.

Website created using Nexter Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Whether you want to create a business website, an online portfolio, or even an e-commerce store, multipurpose themes have everything you need. They integrate smoothly, provide excellent support, come with detailed documentation, and offer many options for customization.

Why Should You Use A WordPress Multipurpose Theme?

Using a WordPress multipurpose theme can bring numerous benefits to your website. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider using one:

  • Versatility: Multipurpose themes offer incredible versatility, allowing you to create various types of websites. Whether you need a business site, blog, portfolio, or online store, a multipurpose theme can adapt to your needs.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: With a multipurpose theme, you don’t need to search for and purchase different themes for different projects. It also saves you money since you only need to invest in one theme that can handle multiple purposes.
  • Easy Customization: Multipurpose themes often come with user-friendly customization options. You can easily modify layouts, colors, fonts, and more without any coding knowledge. This flexibility empowers you to create a unique and personalized website.
  • Responsive Design: A responsive website is crucial in today’s mobile-driven world. Multipurpose themes are typically designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring your site looks great on all devices.
  • Support and Updates: Reputable multipurpose themes usually have dedicated support and regular updates. This means you can rely on a stable and secure theme and get assistance whenever needed.

Best WordPress Multipurpose Themes for Elementor

Let’s check out the five best multipurpose WordPress themes for Elementor that we have shortlisted for you:

Sr. No.ThemeCost
1Nexter Multipurpose WordPress ThemeFree + $29/year
2PhloxFree + $49
3QiFree + $139/year
4SydneyFree + $199/year
5HestiaFree + $399/year

1. Nexter Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Nexter theme image 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor

Nexter is a free multipurpose WordPress theme that offers a wide range of features and customization options. Even if you only use the free version of the Elementor page builder, Nexter is the only theme you’ll need to create fast, attractive, and functional websites.

If you’ve used Elementor before, you might have noticed that you usually need extra plugins to add basic features to your website.

But with Nexter WP theme, you don’t need additional plugins because it’s a complete theme on its own. This is a big advantage because using fewer plugins improves your site’s performance.

The theme includes an Advanced Theme Builder that helps you create elements like headers, footers, archive pages, and even custom 404 pages.

Moreover, the theme is very lightweight, taking up only 20 kb of resources, which means your website will load quickly.

Nexter advance theme builder 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor

To enhance your Nexter Theme further, you can use The Plus Addons for Elementor, which offers over 120 widgets. These widgets provide amazing features and allow you to create any website you want without any coding limitations.

Plus addons 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor

Check out the entire list of 120+ addons from here

Key Features of Nexter Multipurpose WordPress Theme

  • Replaces multiple plugins: This multipurpose theme offers unmatched functionality, including header and footer builder, archive page creator, custom 404 page, and more. If you have an online store, Nexter comes with a built-in WooCommerce builder, eliminating the need for multiple plugins to add functionality.
  • Pre-made Templates: Nexter offers you more than 100 pre-made templates for various website-building needs.
Pre made templates 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor
  • Advanced Theme Builder for Elementor Users: Nexter offers a free header and footer builder with advanced features like sticky headers, mega menus, conditional display rules, and mobile menu options. Even free Elementor users can access this theme builder without any additional cost.
  • Blank Canvas Theme: Nexter is a lightweight and responsive theme that acts as a blank canvas, meaning it doesn’t load any extra scripts on the front end when installed on your website.
  • Self-Hosted and Custom Fonts: With Nexter, you can access self-hosted Google fonts and integrate fonts from Adobe without relying on third-party plugins. You can also install custom fonts to your website using Nexter.
  • Security Hardening: Nexter offers various admin-level controls, including page and post duplicator, right-click protection, URL and text replacement, and content and password protection. Websites built with Nexter support two-factor authentication, disabling F12, and copy/paste protection.
Security hardening settings in nexter wp theme 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor
  • Code Snippets and Custom Hooks: Nexter eliminates needing a child theme to customize your website. It provides a built-in feature called code snippets, allowing you to add custom JS, CSS, HTML, and PHP codes. Additionally, you can create custom hooks to modify how WordPress functions without making changes to core files.

Pricing of Nexter Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Nexter has a free version that can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. If you wish to enjoy more enhanced features, you can go for the premium starting at $29/year. A lifetime plan is also available if you wish to pay just once.

2. Phlox

5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor

Phlox theme is built with a modern design, lightweight structure, and customization capabilities. This theme is suitable for different types of websites, blogs, portfolios, businesses, organizations, and news.

This theme offers you more than 80 ready-to-use page templates. Also, its wide range of functionality and compatibility with various plugins to create stunning websites without any hassle makes it the second-best multipurpose theme.

Key Features of Phlox

  • Simple content creation interface: This theme lets you get a simple content creation interface.
  • Pre-made template: There are 80+ pre-made templates for making any website.
  • Header and footer layouts: A complete kit of fully customizable header and footer layouts is available.
  • Responsive design: Through this feature, your site displays on a laptop, mobile, or desktop.

Pricing of Phlox

The premium version of this theme costs $39 for 6-month support. You pay $49 for 12 months of support. Unlike Nexter, this theme doesn’t come with any inbuilt plugins, so you might need to invest separately for the plugins.

3. Qi

Qi 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor

Qi Elementor multipurpose WordPress theme provides diverse modules tailored for your portfolio, store, and blog. This theme presents a range of modern pre-designed templates for various needs.

By utilizing the Qi theme, your website can embody a genuine and unique design style. This theme offers widgets, customization options, multiple blog layouts, and support for WooCommerce integration.

Additionally, it includes a parallax section that adds an animated parallax effect to enhance your site’s visual appeal.

Key Features of Qi

  • Page header and footer: Get a custom header and footer layout.
  • Advanced customization: Qi offers you advanced customization through premium features.
  • Parallax section: Through this, you can create an animated parallax effect.
  • Woocommerce support: From Qi, you can get many features for WooCommerce support.

Pricing of Qi

This premium theme costs $79/year for a single website and $139/year for unlimited websites.

4. Sydney

Sydney 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor

Sydney theme is best known as a thoughtful business theme. If you want a beautiful theme to establish an online presence for a company or freelancing, then Sydney is best for you. This theme is fast and simple, designed to work seamlessly with Elementor.

It offers lots of customization options to make your website unique. With this theme, you can access a wide range of Google Fonts, full control over colors, sticky navigation, and more.

Key Features of Sydney

  • Woocommerce support: Seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to effortlessly create exceptional shopping experiences.
  • Footer Module: With that, you can get more control over the footer.
  • Theme Builder: Sydney Pro offers you a theme builder with elementor
  • Blog Module: You get professional blog layouts.

Pricing of Sydney

The pricing of Sydney starts from $69/year for 1 site license, $99/year for 5 sites license, and $199/year for unlimited site access.

5. Hestia

Hestia 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor

The last multipurpose WordPress theme on our list is Hestia. This theme is specially designed for industry professionals. Hestia is ideal for those looking to run a creative business, small restaurant or wedding planning service, a sports shop, startup, corporate business, freelancing, etc.

This theme offers you full compatibility with popular plugins like Photogallery, Travel Map, and Elementor page builder. As a result, creating layouts and designs becomes much easier.

Key Features of Hestia

  • WooCommerce design: Hestia Pro offers you out-of-the-box Woocommerce design for your site.
  • Page builder compatibility: This theme has great integration with other page builders.
  • All-done customization: With Hestia, you have an amazing customization option.
  • Advanced Blog Options: Hestia Pro comes up with a full-width layout and new sections on the blog with Author and Subscribe.

Pricing of Hestia

The Personal plan costs $99/year (1 site), the Business plan costs $129/year (3 sites), and the Agency plan costs $399/year (Unlimited sites).

20 checklist for wordpress site maintenance 5 best wordpress multipurpose themes for elementor from the plus addons for elementor
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    Which Multipurpose WordPress Theme Should You Choose?

    When selecting the best WordPress multipurpose theme for Elementor, it’s important to consider factors like cost, customizability, loading speed, responsiveness, and compatibility with popular plugins. Taking these factors into account, we suggest exploring the Nexter theme.

    Nexter is a free theme that offers an advanced header/footer and page layout editor, empowering you to customize each element and create a distinct website.

    It also offers over 100 premade templates that help you create a full-fledged website quickly. You can upgrade to Nexter Pro for further customizations and integrations, starting at just $29.

    Additionally, when you combine Nexter with The Plus Addons for Elementor, you unlock a range of additional features and functionality.

    The Plus Addons for Elementor provides over 120 addons, enhancing the uniqueness of your Elementor editor and enabling you to take your website to the next level.

    Check out the Complete List of 120+ Widgets and Extensions here. Start building your dream website without coding!

    FAQs on WordPress Multipurpose Themes for Elementor

    What are the advantages of using a multipurpose theme over a specialized theme in Elementor?

    A multipurpose theme in Elementor offers versatility and eliminates the need for multiple specialized themes. It provides flexibility, a wide range of pre-built templates, and the ability to create various types of websites such as business, portfolio, and personal blogs. This saves time and cost and simplifies website management.

    Are there any free multipurpose themes available for Elementor on WordPress?

    Yes, there are several free multipurpose themes available for Elementor on WordPress. Some popular ones are Nexter and OceanWP.

    How do I choose the right multipurpose theme for my Elementor-based website?

    To choose the right multipurpose theme for your Elementor-based website, consider factors like cost, customization options, loading speed, responsiveness, and integration with popular plugins. Evaluate demo sites, read reviews, and ensure the theme aligns with your design goals. Lastly, check for reliable support and regular updates to ensure long-term compatibility.

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