Body Mouse Cursor

Guide your users based on column, section, widget and Full Page based mouse cursors. It will 100% improve your UX and on top of that, You may use this in your next creative website project.
  • Works for Sections, Columns, Widgets & Whole Website
  • Multiple Styles of Cursor Pointer
  • Normal and on Hover Cursor Follow Text & Image
  • Cross Device & Browser Tested

Change Mouse Cursor Icon normal & Link Tag

You can use this in any section to make it look better in terms of UX or just for fun in elementor page builder.

  • Cursor Follow Image/Gif
  • Cursor Follow Typography Block
  • Complete Cursor Replacement with Image/Gif

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Special Features

On each page load, User Experience must be your priority. If age verification is a necessity, then it must be smooth. Check out how we provided features that will help you make this experience flat as a pancake!
Multiple Age Verification Options
Based on Age Confirmation Checkbox / Custom Birth Date Entry / Yes or No Selection. Get data about the user easily.
No Coding Required / No Critical Steps to Plan
Not a single line of code is required. No long list of steps to follow. Just Drag & Drop the widget, adjust the text, tweak the style and you’re ready to rock.
Set the Number of Days Cookies to be Saved
Obviously Everyone Age ! Decide the time interval after you want to re-confirm their maturity.
Long List of Content & Format Options
Features like custom text options for success & failure messages, Background Image, Backend Visibility, Extra Text Options for terms text & privacy policy links, and much more.
Infinite Design Options
Design options like background, gradient, color, font, and much more, A long list for each element you can see with your eyes!
Responsive Ready
No extra design setup is required for smaller screens. And also each option is provided to be managed as per display sizes for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop.