STOP Contact Form Spam in WordPress for FREE (Google reCAPTCHA Alternatives) | Elementor [Video Tutorial]

Updated on March 11, 2024 by Editorial Team
Table Of Content
Video Duration: 12 : 39

Video Overview

In this Elementor tutorial, we will learn how to protect your Elementor forms from bots and spammers, to stop receiving spammy emails. We step up and share unique ideas to completely stop all types of email spam for most WordPress forms.

We share 4 Unique Alternative to Google reCAPTCHA v3
1) Honeypot Spam Protection
2) Maths Question +
3) Google reCAPTCHA
4) CleanTalk
5) Cloudflare FREE for Spam Protection of spams

Time stamps

0:00 Intro
0:58 Adding the Elementor Forms
1:38 Method 1: Honeypots Protection
2:40 Method 2: Adding a Maths Question
4:43 Method 3: Using Google reCAPTCHA
5:22 How to Get API Keys for Google reCAPTCHA
7:08 Method 4: Installing Clean Talk Plugin
8:03 Method 5: Using FREE Cloudflare for SPAM Protection
11:48 End Notes

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