Dynamic Elementor Custom Skin Loop, Archive & Category Page with both Elementor FREE & PRO [Video Tutorial]

Updated on March 11, 2024 by Editorial Team
Table Of Content
Video Duration: 23 : 35

Video Overview

We will see how to make Elementor Custom Skin Loop for any Custom Post Types(CPT) using ACF Fields, pods or Toolset. Using this powerful widget you can design custom layout for any type of Post type from blogs to your own. In this video, we are design post loop skin for a Car Booking site.

Check Live Widgets –
1) Custom Loop Builder https://theplusaddons.com/pluslisting/custom-loop-skin-builder/
2) Dynamic Listing – https://theplusaddons.com/pluslisting/dynamic-listing/

The sky is the limit when using them together.
✅ Compatible with ACF, PODS and Toolset.
✅ Prebuild Skins + Build your Custom Elementor Skin
✅ Works with both Elementor Free and Pro

0:00 Intro
1:14 CASE 1: Using Elementor FREE Version
2:16 Create Custom Post Type
4:09 Adding Custom Fields using ACF
6:46 Designing Custom Skin Loop Template
13:40 Listing the Custom Post Types
18:47 Designing Archive/Category Listing Page for Custom post types
20:46 CASE 2: Using Elementor PRO Version
23:09 Outro

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