How to create Elementor Login, Register & Forgot Password Form Page with Facebook & Google Logins [Video Tutorial]

Updated on June 24, 2024 by Editorial Team
Table Of Content
Video Duration: 43 : 31

Video Overview

Learn How to create Elemetor Login Page, Signup Page, Registration Page and Forgot Password Page. Powerful AJAX based Login Form, Signup Popup ,Forgot Password Form , Social Logins for WordPress and WooCommerce using Elementor widget with 30+ Unique Features. Including Modal Popup, Facebook & Google Logins, Dropdown, with reCAPTCHA Bot Protection, Mailchimp integration and much more in single widget of Elementor of The Plus Addons for Elementor.

This powerful Elementor Widget allows you to create custom login and registration forms, Forgot password with your branding, colours, images, logos, and more.

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⭐ 30+ Unique Features of Best Login/Signup & Registration form

  1. In Modal Popup
  2. Login Bar On Hover
  3. Login Bar On Click
  4. Standard In Page
  5. Use in Off-Canvas Widget
  6. Use in Tabs/Tours Widget
  7. Use in Switcher Widget
  8. Panel for Logged-in Users
  9. User Profile Image
  10. Dropdown menu
  11. Logout Link Option
  12. Edit Profile Link Option
  13. Special Forgot Password Options
  14. As a toggle at the same location
  15. Separate Custom Page
  16. Custom URL to set in Password Reset Email
  17. Signup Form Options
  18. Password Field or Password on Email
  19. Mailchimp Subscription Checkbox
  20. Accept Terms & Condition Checkbox
  21. Social Login with Facebook
  22. Social Login with Google
  23. Select Member Register Role from Form.
  24. AJAX based Multi Purpose forms
  25. All Combined Tabbing Option
  26. Google reCAPTCHA
  27. Mailchimp Integration
  28. Facebook & Google Login.
  29. Redirect after Login
  30. Sticky Menu Login Form as Button Popup

and Much more….

And Much more, use the most featured pack Login/ Signup Widget in Elementor dashboard with 0 coding language


0:00 Intro
1:08 Activating Login & Register widget
2:06 Getting started 
3:55 Customizing Login & Register Form
4:39 Login Options
8:49 Register Options
10:41 Password Difficulty Options
12:32 Spam Protection by Google reCAPTCHA
14:10 Mailchimp Email Subscribe list 
15:12 Custom Email Text 
15:59 Facebook and Google Social Login
23:30 Lost Password Options
24:28 My Account Menu
26:10 Customize Notification Messages
27:58 Reset Password Option 
28:33 Styling/Customizing your Login/Registration Form
41:16 Login from as Button Popup in Navigation Menu with Sticky
43:11 Outro

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