Why Do You Need a PreLoader ?

Stop using old fashioned loader icons, there’s something else, something better !!!
Solve Content Loading Problems
Using a lengthy custom CSS / JS ? Using third-party design CSS modules or sliders ? Solve that scattered content issue while loading by using PreLoader widget by The Plus Add-Ons.
Great User Experience
Old Fashioned boring rotating - spinning icon kills the user experience more than you feel. Use smart options for loading the screen provided by the best screen loader widget for elementor.
What Comes Next will be Surprising
Until your content has loaded, users have no idea what to expect. A mixture of great UI and screen loading user experience is a sense of high fidelity creation.
Make Waiting Process More Fun
No one enjoys waiting. And in this fast-loading world, there’s the only solution to it - being creative. Use creative screen loaders with our PreLoader widgets and lessen the frustration of making users wait.
Branding Opportunity
Creating a consistent loading experience is a great brand identity. Use screen loading time as a positive factor & combining it with detailed UI / UX is a tiny detail that matters.