Unused Widget Scanner

Make use of The Plus Addons widget scanner for Elementor, enjoy a faster WordPress website with just one click. Deactivate all unused Widgets of Elementor directly from the Dashboard
  • Supports all The Plus widgets
  • Manage Elementor FREE & PRO Widgets
  • Fix Elementor widget panel loading issues
Scan unused Elementor Unused Widgets Scanner from The Plus Addons for Elementor

Frequently Asked Questions

After installing The Plus Addons for Elementor (Works in both FREE and PRO) Click on Scan Unused widgets in The Plus Widgets Tabs, after a scan you will find a red button that says to disable unused widgets. And now none of your unused widgets are active
When you disable all unused widgets, you will notice a faster WordPress back-end and front-end. Resulting in less memory consumption and exhaustion of your hosting memory limit.
This will completely de-registers the widgets entirely from your WordPress site (as if they never existed). This will speed up the loading interface of Elementor Page builder and WordPress backend and once you disable the widgets, no extra unused CSS or JS will load at the frontend.

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