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Updated on June 29, 2023 by Ananda
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Are you looking to take your website analytics to the next level by tracking different events? Event tracking allows you to monitor specific actions and interactions on your website, such as button clicks, form submissions, video plays, and more.

By implementing event tracking, you can gain valuable insights into user behaviour, measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and optimise your conversion funnels.

With the Event Tracker extension from The Plus Addons for Elementor, you can easily integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics events into your Elementor website to monitor specific actions and interactions on your website.

Required Setup

How to Activate the Elementor Event Tracker Extension?

Go to 

  • The Plus Settings Plus widgets 
  • Scroll down to Plus Extras and look for the extension turn on the toggle then click Save.
Event tracker activate

Key Features

  • Track Facebook Events – You can easily track Facebook events.
  • Track Google Events – You can easily track Google events.
  • Track Custom Events – You can easily track custom Facebook and Google events.
  • Custom Event Name – You can easily give custom event names for Facebook and Google events.
  • Custom Event Property – You can add custom event property for Google events.
  • Multiple Event Property – You can add multiple custom event properties for Google events.

How to Use the Pixel or GA4 Event Tracker in Elementor?

Once the Event Tracker extension is activated, you can primarily use it on buttons, forms or any custom links, while the option will be available on all the widgets but it may not be effective on all widgets.

So, for instance, add a button widget on the page and go to Advanced > Plus Extras : Events Tracker.

Event tracker

Here you’ll find two options –

Facebook Pixel – For tracking events on Facebook.

Google Analytics 4 – For tracking events in Google.

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