Elementor Section vs NEW Flexbox Containers – Page Speed Comparison | Elementor 3.6 Update [Video Tutorial]

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Video Duration: 23 : 38

Video Overview

In this video, we will see how to use the new Elementor 3.6 Flex Box Container, with a live demo. We explain all the options from justifying content, row direction, wrap, no-wrap, align items, and everything. We make a live page speed comparison test to show you how much clearer DIVS are created. The New Flex Containers is a major upgrade to faster performance.
▶ Resources:
1) Flex Align Item Playground – https://u5pxp.csb.app/
2) Flex Justify Content Playground – https://2yubm.csb.app/
3) Understanding Flex – https://flexbox.tech/
4) Elementor Docs on Flex Containers – https://elementor.com/help/advanced-container-knowledge/
5) Playground for Elementor Backend with Flex Enabled- https://playground.elementor.com/demo/flexbox/
6) Learn CSS – https://w3schools.com/css
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Time stamps
0:00 Intro
2:09 Understanding the Basics : What is CSS?
2:43 How to Learn CSS for Elementor
3:30 Understanding the Technical difference b/w Block and Flex
4:26 Display: Block Explained
5:41 Display: Flex Explained
8:35 Exploring New Options in Elementor Flex Containers
9:23 Elementor Display Flex : Direction
9:58 Elementor Display Flex: Align Items
11:28 Elementor Display Flex: Justify Content
13:15 Flex Box Playground by Elementor
15:12 When will The Plus Addons for Elementor widgets

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