Fignel vs UiChemy – Which is a Better Figma to Elementor Converter?

Updated on April 3, 2024 by Editorial Team

Are you struggling to choose between UiChemy & Fignel Figma to Elementor Convertor?

Designing digital interfaces and products requires a deep understanding of user needs, preferences, and behaviors, as well as the ability to translate these insights into visual and interactive designs that are both functional and appealing. 

To streamline this process, many designers and developers use Figma, a popular design tool that allows them to create and collaborate on high-quality designs in a cloud-based environment.

However, converting Figma designs into code or other formats can be a time-consuming and error-prone task, especially when dealing with complex or dynamic designs.

To address this challenge, various software solutions have emerged, including Fignel and UiChemy Figma Convertor, two powerful tools that offer advanced features and capabilities for converting Figma designs into code or other formats.

But which one is the best for your needs? 

To help you compare and decide, we have created a detailed comparison table that highlights the key differences and similarities between Fignel and UiChemy Figma Convertor, based on various criteria such as accuracy, speed, cost, ease of use, and more. 

Let’s get started!

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What is UiChemy?

Uichemy 3 fignel vs uichemy - which is a better figma to elementor converter? From the plus addons for elementor

UiChemy is a powerful design-to-code tool that allows you to convert your Figma designs to Elementor with ease. 

With UiChemy, you can quickly and easily turn your Figma designs into fully functional Elementor pages without having to manually recreate the design using Elementor containers & widgets.

UiChemy is a great alternative to Fignel for those who are looking for a more specialized tool for converting Figma designs to Elementor.

It uses a unique Elementor widget tagging method, where you can assign Elementor widgets directly inside the Figma Dashboard and, using the Figma Plugin, you can send the design to your WordPress websites.

What is Fignel?

Fignel Plugin, the bridge between Figma and Elementor, empowers you to effortlessly transform your Figma designs into stunning Elementor pages. 

However, Fignel may not always be the best option for everyone. 

Detailed Comparison Table Between Fignel & UiChemy

Elementor Free/Pro Widgets1418
Tagging MethodManual CodingAdvanced Tagging
Image CompressionNoYes
Auto SVG DetectionNoYes
Lock FramesNoYes
JSON ExportYesYes
One Click ExportNoYes
Font Size Responsive SettingsNoYes
Line Height Responsive SettingsNoYes
Padding Responsive SettingsNoYes
WordPress PluginNoYes
Auto Layout SupportYesYes
Absolute Position SupportNoYes
Components & Instances SupportNoYes
Ready templates2050+
Elementor Experienced TeamNoYes (100K Active Sites on TPAE)
In-depth DocsNoYes
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    Wrapping Up

    As we have seen in this comparison table, both Fignel and UiChemy Figma Convertor offer powerful features and capabilities for converting Figma designs into code or other formats. 

    However, based on our analysis and evaluation of various criteria, we believe that UiChemy Figma Convertor is the better option.

    One of the main reasons for this is the accuracy and speed of UiChemy’s conversion algorithms, which have been shown to produce more reliable and efficient results than Fignel. 

    UiChemy also offers a more user-friendly and intuitive interface, which makes it easier for designers and developers to use and customize the conversion process to their specific needs.

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