How to Hide Header Menu in Scroll Down and Show on Scroll Up | Elementor Sticky Headers [Video Tutorial]

Updated on June 24, 2024 by Editorial Team
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Video Overview

We will see how to Hide Elementor Header Menu when you scroll down and show again when scroll up. This will automatically hide the complete Header when scrolling down, and make the header visible again when we scroll upwards.

Our Elementor Sticky Header comes with 8 more styles, you can change colour logo or font size as well, when the Header is sticky

▶ Widgets Used –

You can Create 8 More Header Effects for Elementor
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Header Style you can achieve using this addon
✅ Sticky Elementor Header Effect
✅ Sticky Menu with on scroll Colour Change Effect
✅ Transparent Sticky Header Effect
✅ Sticky Glass Effect/Blurry Header Effects
✅ Hide Header on Scroll Down Effect
✅ Change Header Height on Scroll/Shrinking Header Effect
✅ Change Header Menu Logo on Scroll
✅ Change Header Logo On Hover

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