Brizy vs Elementor Comparison [7 Key Differences]

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Deciding between Brizy vs Elementor? Join us as we explore key features and differences between these page builders.

The secret to a perfect website is using a perfect page builder. When it comes to WordPress, the debate often centers around Brizy and Elementor.

These are two extremely popular yet unique page builders that offer different sets of features and functionalities for website design.

When selecting a page builder for your website, you must consider the delicate balance between ease of use and the depth of customization options available. Factors like performance, speed, generating a clean design, addons, and community support also matter.

In this blog, we go into an in-depth comparison of Brizy vs Elementor to weigh their advantages and limitations.

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What is Brizy Page Builder?

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Brizy Page Builder is a website builder designed to simplify the creation of websites without prerequisite coding knowledge.

It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to add, edit, and customize elements on web pages.

Some key features of Brizy Builder include a visual editor with instant updates, responsive design tools, cross-device compatibility, and a range of pre-designed elements.

It also offers customizable templates, global styling for a cohesive look across pages, and integrations with select external tools.

What Is Elementor?

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Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin that offers a drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to create your website visually as it operates on a fronted live editor.

It comes with an array of widgets that you can add to your web pages.

Elementor also provides hundreds of pre-designed templates and blocks to customize your site’s design. Elementor features responsive design controls compatible with all screens.

With Elementor Pro, you also get access to the Hello Elementor theme, WooCommerce settings, and Pop-up Builders to create a more engaging user experience for your visitors.

It stands out with its capability to integrate with third-party addons that help expand its capabilities.

What are the Similarities between Elementor and Brizy?

Elementor and Brizy are two leading WordPress page builders, and they share many similar features.

Some of these are:

  1. No-Code Design: Both platforms embrace a no-code philosophy with drag-and-drop interfaces that allow for a convenient website design experience.
  2. Intuitive Interface: The user experience is central to both Brizy and Elementor, featuring an intuitive sidebar, pop-up context menus, widgets, and templates.
  3. Responsive Design: Both builders offer tools to adjust layouts for different devices to ensure your website looks great across all screen sizes.
  4. Freemium Model: Elementor and Brizy are available under a freemium model, providing core functionalities for free while offering advanced features in their premium versions.

Key Differences: Brizy vs Elementor

Brizy and Elementor, while similar in their core functionalities as WordPress page builders, come with different features that appeal to users with unique preferences.

Let’s explore these differences to find out which would work best for your website.

1. Brizy vs Elementor – Mobile Responsiveness

Elementor provides a more detailed approach to responsive design. It has a responsive editor mode, which lets you manually adjust the visibility, size, and spacing of elements for tablets and mobiles.

You can review your edits in real-time as well.

Moreover, you can set each widget and UI element to hide or show based on users’ device type. This offers a high degree of customization for responsive designs.

Mobile responsiveness brizy vs elementor comparison [7 key differences] from the plus addons for elementor

Brizy, on the other hand, focuses on ease and speed, automating much of the responsive design process.

It also comes with a live editor for responsive elements which lets you adjust paddings and margins based on screen size.

However, customizable settings in Brizy are quite limited, which can hinder your ability to fine-tune some of your more complex page layouts.

Brizy live editor brizy vs elementor comparison [7 key differences] from the plus addons for elementor

2. Brizy vs Elementor – Addons Support

Elementor is an open-source page builder that has been in the market for around eight years.

As a result, it has built a bigger ecosystem of third-party addons and extensions, enhancing its functionality beyond the core features.

This vast network allows users to integrate a wide variety of additional widgets and tools into Elementor.

You can easily find more widgets, templates, SEO plugins, eCommerce integrations, and more from third-party developers.

Elementor addons support brizy vs elementor comparison [7 key differences] from the plus addons for elementor

You can choose from a vast range of addon plugins to add unique features to your website. One such plugin is The Plus Addons for Elementor, an all-in-one plugin to add different functions to your website.

The plus addons widgets brizy vs elementor comparison [7 key differences] from the plus addons for elementor

You can enjoy 120+ Elementor widgets for images, animation, content, header and footer, social media, and more.

Unlike Elementor, Brizy is a closed-source software and is also quite new. So, it has fewer addons available.

Brizy’s approach is to include more built-in features to reduce the need for external addons. Hence, you can only use integrations and extensions that the dev team offers.

3. Brizy vs Elementor – Templates and Features

Again, Elementor is a clear winner when it comes to offering templates and features to designers. The page builder boasts a library of over 100+ website kits and 300 professionally designed templates.

This wide array of prebuilt designs caters to a variety of industries and website styles. Elementor also offers more features to website designers.

You get global widgets, drag and drop builder, theme builder, form builder popup builder, WooCommerce builder, custom CSS, live editor with autosave, support for 59 languages, and more.

Elementor kit library brizy vs elementor comparison [7 key differences] from the plus addons for elementor

More than 150 Brizy templates are there however, when it comes to features, it lags way behind Elementor.

While it also gets a live editor, widgets, drag and drop builder, it misses out on form builder, WooCommerce site settings, and modules. Additionally, it only supports 39 languages.

4. Brizy vs Elementor – Performance

The performance impact of using Elementor vs Brizy can vary based on the complexity of the site and the number of elements used.

According to several speed tests published online, websites using Elementor load faster on mobile. As for the sites using Brizy, they load faster on the desktop.

However, Brizy sites struggle to maintain performance over extended periods, resulting in slow site speed across devices. Elementor sites, on the other hand, maintain good speed for long periods.

As a result, Elementor is a much better option if you prefer snappy website performance.

5. Brizy vs Elementor – Cloud Compatibility

Brizy’s cloud compatibility offers a unique proposition as it allows you to build and host websites directly on Brizy’s platform, independent of WordPress.

Elementor, while primarily a WordPress plugin, requires traditional web hosting but offers extensive integration options. This makes it versatile within the WordPress ecosystem.

For users who want a hosting solution, Elementor has a separate cloud platform called Elementor Cloud.

It provides users access to managed hosting along with other Elementor offerings, including the page builder.

6. Brizy vs Elementor – SEO Capability

In terms of SEO, Elementor edges out with more integrated SEO tools and direct compatibility with leading SEO plugins. This facilitates advanced optimization directly within the page builder interface.

Such an integration can be a boon if you are focused on maximizing your site’s visibility in search engine results.

Brizy ensures that basic SEO practices are covered, but it may not offer the same level of detailed control and plugin integration as Elementor.

7. Brizy vs Elementor – Design Elements

When it comes to design elements and widgets, Elementor provides a broader selection, which equips you with a diverse toolkit for crafting detailed and feature-rich pages.

This variety supports intricate design possibilities and functionality without the need for additional plugins.

Elementor design elements brizy vs elementor comparison [7 key differences] from the plus addons for elementor

Brizy opts for a more streamlined set of design elements that emphasize speed and simplicity. This makes it appealing if you value a more straightforward, less cluttered design environment.

Brizy design elements brizy vs elementor comparison [7 key differences] from the plus addons for elementor

Brizy vs Elementor: Pros And Cons

Selecting a page builder that suits your needs requires careful weighing of all the pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at how Elementor vs Brizy compare in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

Pros & Cons of Brizy Page Builder

User friendly intuitive interfaceTwo-step plugin installation which can be cumbersome
Rich feature set with diverse design optionsActivating pro features can be slightly confusing
Highly customizable styling optionsFewer styling options compared to competitors

Pros & Cons of Elementor

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface that is easy to build and editSite speed can be impacted, especially on complex pages.
Rich template library with a wide variety of high-quality, ready-made page designs.Big updates can sometimes introduce glitches.
Large selection of widgets that provide added functionality.Can have a learning curve for beginners.

Brizy vs Elementor Pricing

Let’s now compare Brizy vs Elementor based on pricing. Each platform’s pricing structure caters to a range of needs, from individual creators to large agencies.

Brizy Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Limited features
  • Personal (1 site): $60/year
  • Freelancer (25 sites): $108/year
  • Agency (50 sites): $192/year

Elementor Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Basic features
  • Essential (1 site): $59/year
  • Advanced (3 sites): $99/year
  • Expert (25 sites): $199/year
  • Agency (up to 1000 sites): $399/year

Which Is Suitable for You – Brizy or Elementor?

Deciding between Brizy and Elementor depends on what you prioritize for developing your website. If simplicity and ease of use are the primary concerns, Brizy is a commendable choice that offers an intuitive design experience.

However, if you are looking for a longer list of features and functionalities, Elementor is a superior option.

Elementor’s extensive library of templates, a wide variety of widgets, and customization options make it the go-to choice if you are looking to create a website that stands out.

While it may come with a slight learning curve, the drag-and-drop interface of Elementor is easy to master.

Additionally, Elementor offers seamless integration with numerous plugins. This means you can incorporate the functionalities offered by The Plus Addons for Elementor into your website designs.

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    FAQs on Brizy vs Elementor

    Are there any unique features in Brizy that are not available in Elementor?

    Brizy’s ‘Reorder Blocks’ view offers a unique way to manage and rearrange page blocks, contrasting Elementor’s Navigator view. Moreover, its flyout settings menu also provides a unique way to customize blocks in drag-and-drop builder.

    Does Elementor have a larger selection of pre-designed templates compared to Brizy?

    Elementor comes with 100+ free and pro templates, whereas Brizy comes with 40+ templates. Elementor also allows you to use external themes and templates. However, Brizy doesn’t support third-party templates.

    Can both Brizy and Elementor be used with any WordPress theme?

    Yes, both Brizy and Elementor can be used with nearly any WordPress theme including the Nexter WP theme. However, you can’t use the two builders simultaneously because it introduces compatibility issues with blocks, templates, and other features.

    Will Elementor slow down my website?

    Elementor does not inherently slow down your website as it is optimized for speed. However, the performance of a website depends on the complexity of the design, the number and size of elements used, and the optimization of media. Choose a fast and reliable hosting service to maintain your website’s speed.

    Can I switch from Elementor to Brizy (or vice versa) easily?

    Switching between Elementor and Brizy is cumbersome due to their different structures. You will have to manually transfer and redesign certain elements to fit the new builder’s framework.

    Which builder is more cost-effective, Brizy or Elementor?

    The cost-effectiveness of Brizy vs Elementor depends on your specific needs. Both offer free versions with basic functionalities. With premium versions, Elementor might be more cost-effective as it provides a lot more features, widgets, and functionalities compared to Brizy.

    Which is easier to use, Brizy or Elementor?

    Both Brizy and Elementor are designed with user-friendliness in mind. New users might find Brizy’s interface slightly more straightforward. However, to scale up in terms of features and functionality, Elementor should be your go-to.

    Is Brizy better than Elementor?

    Brizy and Elementor are excellent page builders with their unique strengths and features. Elementor, however, has a slight edge due to its functionality, extensive library of pre-designed templates, and superior compatibility with third-party plugins.

    Is Brizy Page Builder free?

    Brizy offers a free version with limited functionalities, which is suitable for basic web design needs. For advanced features and more professional use, Brizy WordPress builder provides premium plans that expand the toolset and capabilities.

    Which page builder offers better compatibility with third-party plugins, Brizy or Elementor?

    Elementor has better compatibility with third-party plugins as it has a more open ecosystem that allows third-party developers to create addons. It also allows third parties to create widgets to add functionalities that Elementor does not have.

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