How to create Mega menu in Elementor any WP Theme? Alternative of JetMenu, UAE, Elementskit, and Max [Video Tutorial]

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Want to create best mega menu with least efforts in elementor? Looking for something which is recommended by industry leaders? It’s best alternative of Jet Mega Menu, Ultimate addons mega menu, Elementskit Free Mega menu, Max mega menu and Cleaver mega menu. It works smoothly with all WordPress Themes such as Astra, OceanWP, Nexter WordPress Theme, Blocksy, and all other popular WordPress Themes.

Our mega menu for elementor is one of the top and biggest mega menus for elementor. It has vertical and horizontal options and on top of that, It has Indicator and Icons options for navigation.

Vertical and Horizontal Megamenu
Megamenu width Options
Navigation Icon and Indicator Options
Elementor Megamenu with lots of Options

Most Advanced Mega Menu
This mega menu is created with all advanced options so you can achieve the best possibilities.

No Coding Knowledge Required
It’s simple and intuitive, You can start easily and use any elementor widgets to craft your mega menu.

Various Width Options
You can select a container, full width, or enter the width of a mega menu in Pixels for each mega menu individually.

Responsive Options
It has the option to choose another menu for responsive devices and It will look amazing on each screen size.

Highly Customisable
It has tons of options to create unique and various designs easily with just a few tweaks in options.

Indicator Options
Highlight some menus with specific text/tooltip. It has multiple options to create indicators easily.

This feature is part of The Plus Addons for Elementor plugin. It’s awarded as a best elementor third-party addons. It’s used by lots of designers and developers to supercharge their Elementor website.

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