How to make Elementor Age Gate Verification PopUp for FREE | WordPress Content Gate [Video Tutorial]

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We will learn how to add FREE Elementor Age Gate Verification on your WordPress site easily using The Plus Addons for Elementor. Gate Content to your Adult Site, Cannabis, Tobacco, Alcohol or any Mature Content.

▶️ LIVE Widget Demo –

Exclusive Features:
✅ Yes/No Button-based Age Gate
✅ Birthday Date Field-based Age Gate
✅ 100% Customizable for Unlimited ways to use
✅ Cross Browser & Cross-Device Support
✅ SEO Friendly

1) What is Age Gate ?
Age Gate is a service that helps businesses keep their website safe for children, while at the same time not alienating their adult audience. In other words, Age Gate is a simple and easy way to make sure that everyone can access your site without being scared away by a domain name or web site address that seems to suggest that it is only for adults and not safe for children

2) What do we need Age Gate on a website ?
Web content varies in its level of sensitivity and that is why it is necessary to have an age gate. A website without age gate can be a problem because it may show offensive content to younger children. On the other hand, websites that don’t have an age gate may not be appropriate for older audiences.

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