How to create Custom Header with Mobile Menu, Woo cart, Search, Login and Sticky header Menu? [Video Tutorial]

Updated on June 24, 2024 by Editorial Team
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All needs related to navigation and whole header section is covered under our collection of widgets for elementor. You can create search bar, woocommerce mini cart, music bar, login section, mega menu and many more using this elementor header builder widgets.

Biggest Navigation Builder for Elementor
300+ Unique Customisation Options
10+ Sections for Header area included
Unlimited Possibilities without Coding

Horizontal & Vertical Menu
You may use the navigation menu multiple ways in direct header or in templates for creative vertical menus. It also have some hover effects included.

Mobile Menu
Packed with lots of responsive options, Mobile menu have various hamburger icon styles, as well as Complete styling and typography options.

Mobile Swiper Menu
You can keep navigation menu as per the standard style and in mobile device it will be like a slider, which you can use by swipe.

On Hover Reverse Effect
When you hover on one navigation menu, Remaining menus will have opacity on them. It will add plus in to your website’s UX.

Header Search Bar
We have included multiple styles of header search bar to use in main navigation area of your website using header meta info widget.

WooCommerce Mini Cart
You ecommerce feature of website is half done without mini cart in your header, We have included multiple cart styles in our header bundle.

Extra Toggle Bar
Show more information to your visitors by showing your elementor templates in extra toggle bar in navigation area.

Header Music Player
Everyone loves music, Engage your visitors by adding music player in the navigation bar of your site using the plus addons.

Header Logo Widget
Simple yet useful widget for header site logo, In which there is an option to use dual on hover logo, Tooltip, and SVG options.

Most Advanced Mega Menu
This mega menu is created with all advanced options so you can achieve the best possibilities.

No Coding Knowledge Required
It’s simple and intuitive, You can start easily and use any elementor widgets to craft your mega menu.

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