How to Add Custom PNG/GIF Mouse Cursor in Elementor on WordPress [Video Tutorial]

Updated on June 24, 2024 by Editorial Team
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Video Duration: 18 : 46

Video Overview

Hello everyone today we will learn how to change to a custom beautiful mouse cursor on your Elementor website easily. Using this widget you can change mouse cursor or icon, setup follow cursor image or you can setup text based mouse cursor style. Which help your visitors to know about any column or you can improve your UI & UX of your WordPress website.

Exclusive Features:
✅ Mouse Cursor to PNG/GIF
✅ Mouse Cursor Follow Image
✅ Cursor Follow Text
✅ Cross Device & Browser Tested
✅ SEO Friendly

1) What is Mouse Cursor ?
Custom mouse cursor is used by UI Web designers to customize and personalize website navigation. It features a pointer that can be customized to match the style of the design and look and feel of website.

2) What do we need a Custom Cursor on a website ?
Some of the benefits of using a custom mouse cursor are: it reflects the personality of your site, it offers clients an easy way to identify your website, and it gives your site an elegant look.

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