50+ WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows & Mac [Time Saver]

Updated on May 27, 2024 by Editorial Team

In WordPress, navigating through menus and options can consume valuable time and hinder the creative process. This often leads to frustration and a need for more efficient techniques. 

Fortunately, a comprehensive list of over 50 WordPress keyboard shortcuts tailored for both Windows and Mac users provides a solution to this common challenge. 

Mastering these shortcuts can significantly enhance productivity and streamline the WordPress experience, making tasks quicker and easier to accomplish.

So let’s get started!

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What are WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts?

WordPress keyboard shortcuts are a set of key combinations that perform specific functions, allowing users to execute tasks quickly without using the mouse. 

These shortcuts cover a wide range of actions, including formatting text, managing media, navigating the editor, and more. 

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Memorizing and utilizing these shortcuts can streamline your workflow, save time, and boost efficiency when working on WordPress websites. 

Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, integrating these keyboard shortcuts into your workflow can significantly enhance your WordPress experience.

Benefits of WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some of the benefits of using WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Enhanced Productivity: 

WordPress keyboard shortcuts enable users to perform tasks swiftly, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple menus. 

This efficiency results in increased productivity as users can accomplish more in less time.

  • Streamlined Workflow: 

By utilizing keyboard shortcuts, users can seamlessly navigate the WordPress interface, swiftly executing commands without interrupting their workflow. 

This streamlined process allows for a more focused and efficient working experience.

  • Reduced Strain: 

With keyboard shortcuts, users can minimize repetitive mouse movements, reducing the risk of strain or fatigue associated with prolonged mouse usage. 

This contributes to a more comfortable and sustainable working environment.

  • Improved Accuracy: 

Keyboard shortcuts offer precise control over various WordPress functions, minimizing the likelihood of errors that may occur when relying solely on mouse inputs. 

This enhanced accuracy can lead to higher-quality outputs and a more polished final product.

50+ Best WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Mastering these WordPress keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac will revolutionize your workflow, saving time and effort while navigating and managing your WordPress website.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

CopyCtrl + CCommand + C
PasteCtrl + VCommand + V
CutCtrl + XCommand + X
Bold TextCtrl + BCommand + B
Italic TextCtrl + ICommand + I
UndoCtrl + ZCommand + Z
RedoCtrl + YCommand + Shift + Z
SaveCtrl + SCommand + S
Select AllCtrl + ACommand + A

These shortcuts work not only in WordPress but also in other software programs such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Adobe Photoshop.

WordPress Navigation Shortcuts

Here are some navigation shortcuts that can help you move through the dashboard more efficiently.

To Scroll through the post contentUse ←, →, ↑, and ↓Use ←, →, ↑, and ↓
Navigate to the Next Clickable Link/OptionTabTab
Move back to the previous optionShift + TabShift + Tab
Confirm a dialog box or access an optionEnterEnter

By using these shortcuts, you can quickly move through the dashboard and access the options you need.

WordPress Comment Moderation Shortcuts

The comment moderation can be a time-consuming task. However, some keyboard shortcuts can help you manage your comments more efficiently.

Before using them, enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation in your WordPress account.

You can do this by navigating to your WordPress Sidebar, Click on User, then on Profile, and checking the “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation” option.

Enable keyboard shortcuts 50+ wordpress keyboard shortcuts for windows & mac [time saver] from the plus addons for elementor

Once you’ve enabled this option, you can start using these keyboard shortcuts to manage your comments more efficiently.

Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for managing comments:

Single Comment Moderation Shortcuts

Move to the Next CommentJJ
Move to the Previous CommentKK
Approve Current CommentAA
Mark the Current Comment as SpamSS
Move Current Comment to TrashDD
Unapprove Current CommentUU
Quick Edit Current CommentQQ

WordPress Bulk Comment Moderation Shortcuts

Bulk comment moderation shortcuts can save your precious time that can be used for other crucial web designing tasks. 

Here are some comment moderation shortcuts:

Select Current CommentXX
Move to Next Comment and Select ItShift + JShift + J
Move to Previous Comment and Select ItShift + KShift + K
Select All Comments Between Current and Last SelectedShift + XShift + X
Approve All Selected CommentsShift + AShift + A
Mark All Selected Comments as SpamShift + SShift + S
Move All Selected Comments to TrashShift + DShift + D
Unapprove All Selected CommentsShift + UShift + U

WordPress Formatting Shortcuts

Next are some of the most useful WordPress hotkeys for formatting content, such as bolding the text, creating headings, making lists, and more:

Make Text BoldCtrl + BCommand + B
Make Text ItalicCtrl + ICommand + I
Heading 1Shift + Alt + 1Command + Option + 1
Heading 2Shift + Alt + 2Command + Option + 2
Heading 3Shift + Alt + 3Command + Option + 3
Heading 4Shift + Alt + 4Command + Option + 4
Heading 5Shift + Alt + 5Command + Option + 5
Heading 6Shift + Alt + 6Command + Option + 6
Unordered ListCtrl + Shift + UCommand + Shift + U
Ordered ListCtrl + Shift + OCommand + Shift + O
Create BlockquoteCtrl + Shift + QCommand + Shift + Q
Insert CodeCtrl + Shift + CCommand + Shift + C

These are just a few of the most useful formatting shortcuts for WordPress. By using these shortcuts, you can save time and make your content more visually appealing and easier to read.

WordPress Gutenberg Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Gutenberg Editor offers keyboard shortcuts for text formatting, block transformation, and managing panels/views, enhancing productivity when creating content in WordPress.

Here are some of the most useful WordPress keyboard shortcuts for the Gutenberg Editor:

Add a New BlockEnterEnter
Duplicate Selected Block(s)Ctrl + Shift + DCommand + Shift + D
Remove Selected Block(s)Alt + Shift + ZCommand + Shift + Z
Insert New Block Before Selected Block(s)Ctrl + Alt + TCommand + Option + T
Insert New Block After Selected Block(s)Ctrl + Alt + YCommand + Option + Y
Change Block Type in New Block//
Clear SelectionEscEsc
Redo Last UndoCtrl + Shift + ZCommand + Shift + Z
Show/Hide Settings BarCtrl + Shift + ,Command + Shift + ,
Open Block Navigation MenuAlt + Shift + OOption + Command + O
Navigate to the Next Part of the EditorAlt + Shift + NOption + Command + N
Navigate to the Previous Part of the EditorAlt + Shift + POption + Command + P
Switch Between Visual and Code EditorCtrl + Shift + Alt + MCommand + Option + Shift + M

WordPress Classic Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

If you still prefer using the good old Classic Editor in WordPress, there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts available for that as well. 

Here are some of the most useful ones:

RedoCtrl + YCommand + Y
Insert Heading SizesAlt + Shift + [number]Command + Option + [number]
Align LeftAlt + Shift + LCommand + Option + L
Justify TextAlt + Shift + JCommand + Option + J
Align CenterAlt + Shift + CCommand + Option + C
StrikethroughAlt + Shift + DCommand + Option + D
Align RightAlt + Shift + RCommand + Option + R
Unordered ListAlt + Shift + UCommand + Option + U
Insert LinkAlt + Shift + ACommand + Option + A
Numeric ListAlt + Shift + OCommand + Option + O
Remove LinkAlt + Shift + SCommand + Option + S
QuoteAlt + Shift + QCommand + Option + Q
Insert ImageAlt + Shift + MCommand + Option + M
Insert More TagAlt + Shift + TCommand + Option + T
Insert Page Break TagAlt + Shift + PCommand + Option + P
Fullscreen (Visual Editor Mode)Alt + Shift + WCommand + Option + W
Fullscreen (Plain Text Mode)Alt + Shift + FCommand + Option + F

Save your time and work efficiently in the Classic Editor by using these keyboard shortcuts for tasks like copying, formatting, and adding hyperlinks.

Global Shortcuts in WordPress Editor

When working with WordPress, using keyboard shortcuts can be a great way to improve your workflow and save time. 

Here are some global shortcuts you can use in the WordPress editor:

Display Keyboard Shortcuts HelpShift + Alt + HOption + Control + H
Toggle Fullscreen Mode On/OffCtrl + Shift + Alt + FCommand + Shift + Option + F
Add a New Block Before the Current BlockCtrl + Shift + Alt + TCommand + Option + T
Add a New Block After the Current BlockCtrl + Shift + Alt + YCommand + Option + Y

These global shortcuts are designed to make your life easier when working with WordPress. They can help you access the entire list of shortcuts, easily toggle Full-screen mode, and add new blocks to your content.

By learning these shortcuts, you can speed up your workflow, remove the extra time and load using the mouse, and become more efficient when working on WordPress.

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    Wrapping Up

    Mastering WordPress keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity when managing your website. 

    The above comprehensive list of over 50 keyboard shortcuts tailored for both Windows and Mac users covers a wide range of functions, from formatting text to managing media and navigating the editor. 

    Integrating these shortcuts into your workflow can help you streamline your WordPress experience, saving valuable time and effort. 

    Lastly, if you’re using Elementor page builder in WordPress, we would recommend you use The Plus Addons; this all-in-one plugin offers more than 120 Elementor widgets that will help enhance the functionality of your Elementor editor and create a world-class website without writing a single line of code.

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    FAQs on WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

    How do I view all WordPress shortcut keys?

    To see all WordPress shortcuts, you can press the “Shift + Alt + H” keys on your keyboard. This will bring up a list of all the available shortcuts in WordPress.

    How do I enable keyboard shortcuts in WordPress?

    To enable keyboard shortcuts in WordPress, go to “Users” > “Profile” in the admin dashboard. Check the box labeled “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation” and save your profile.

    How to preview my WordPress post using keyboard shortcuts?

    To preview your WordPress post without leaving the editor, use the CTRL + S shortcut to save your changes and then press CTRL + SHIFT + P to open a new tab with the post preview. This allows for seamless content review and editing.

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