Multi Scroll js for Full height One Page Scrolling in Elementor [Video Tutorial]

Updated on March 12, 2024 by Editorial Team
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Video Duration: 10 : 15

Video Overview

This widget is the combination of Full Page JS, Multi Scroll JS, and Page Piling JS. Which are most popular in unique one page websites.

3 Popular Scrolling Styles
Special Prev/Next and Paginate Options
10+ Navigation Dots Styles
Responsive and Cross Browser Support

3 Page Scrolling Variations
It’s collection of Full page JS, Page Piling JS and Multi Scroll Js. It have lots of customisation and responsive options available.

4+ Prev next Styles
Special Previous Next Icons styles and typography based styles to give more details to your one page websites.

10+ Navigation Dots Styles
You can connect Page Scroll widget’s all styles with “Scroll navigation Widget” and use all styles of that widget on your website.

Unique Paginate Options
It shows active slide’s number and Total slides on that page, and It increment or decrement on each scroll for better UX.

Continuous Looping Options
You can enable or disable looping option of all slides, It also have options to enable/disable top looping or bottom looping.

Responsive Options
Disable Scrolling option in tablet or mobile devices and make it work like a normal section in responsive way.

Elementor Templates based
You can use any of our widgets in elementor template and use those templates as a section in this widget to scroll.

Animations Compatible
All the plus on scroll animations and Elementor’s Scroll animations are tested and working fine on each scroll of section.

This feature is part of The Plus Addons for Elementor plugin. It’s awarded as a best elementor third party addons. It’s used by lots of designers and developers to super charge their Elementor website.

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Official Plugin Website :
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