How to Perform Cross Domain Copy Paste & Live Copy in Elementor Page Builder? [Video Tutorial]

Updated on March 11, 2024 by Editorial Team
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Video Overview

Improve productivity by copying elementor content from one site to another with simple clicks using The Plus Addons for Elementor. On top of that, You can simply Copy demos of The Plus Addons using the Live Copy Feature. Cross-domain copy paste and Live Copy feature are developed by The Plus Addons for elementor.

You can perform,
Copy Columns, Sections & Widgets
Copy Stying, Images & Videos
Cross Website Copy Paste
Live Copy for Plus Design

Easiest & high productive way to Copy & Paste in Elementor
You just need to press the “Plus Copy” and “Plus Paste” option in elementor editor, You can copy the whole widget, Section, or Column from one site to another site on the same browser. This saves you from the Import & Export process of JSON files.
Copy & Paste Widget
Copy & Paste Section
Copy & Paste Column

Easy access of 300+ Sections & 18+ Templates
Yes. Our PlusDesign is now powered with “Plus Copy”. You may go to any of our pages and replicate the whole section using Plus Copy Feature.
Go to our PlusDesign Area
Press the “Copy” Button
Press “Plus Paste” to replicate that section

How does it work?
It’s the easiest way to copy-paste elementor content compare to the traditional JSON File method. You can simply follow the method as per the video and you are good to go in simple 3 easy steps.
Turn On “Cross-Site Copy Paste” from The Plus Settings.
On Press “Plus Copy”
On Press “Plus Paste”

This feature is part of The Plus Addons for Elementor plugin. It’s awarded as a best elementor third-party addons. It’s used by lots of designers and developers to supercharge their Elementor website.

Above Feature/Widget URL:

Official Plugin Website:

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