Progress Bar

Last Update: 1 November 2019

Use this widget for multipurpose way to show your progress bar, skill bar, value bar, percentage bar or any other kind of Value in Progress bar format in Elementor using this amazing, versatile and fully customisable widget.

Content Area

1. Progress Bar
  • Progress Bar Style (2+ Styles)
  • Progress Bar Height (Small Height, Medium Height, Large Height)
  • Dynamic Value (0-100)
  • Title
  • Sub Title
  • Number
  • Prefix/Postfix Symbol
  • Symbol Position (After Number, Before Number)
2. Icon
Styling Area

1. Progress Bar Setting
2. Title Setting
3. Sub Title Setting
4. Number Setting
5. Number Prefix/Postfix Style
6. Icon/Image Setting
7. On Scroll View Animation