Last Update: 1 November 2019

Fastest and Easy to configure instagram feed widget ever made for elementor. You can get feed using access token or using just a username of instagram profile of any one. Detailed grid options for unlimited customisations and unique layout options for instagram feed.

Content Area

1. Instagram Layout(2+ Styles)
2. Instagram Account Settings
  • Instagram Feed Source(By Username,By Access Token)
  • Enter Username
3. Feed Settings
  • Sort By (Most Recent,Least Recent,Most Likes,Least Likes)
  • Max Visible Images
  • Image Resolution (Original Size,Thumbnail (150×150),Low Res (306×306))
4. General Settings
Style Area

1. Instagram Feed Styles
2. Like & Comments Styles
3. Popup Image Icon
4. Caption Styles
5. Load More Button Style
6. Background Overlay
7. Extra Options
8. On Scroll View Animation