Parallax Background - PlusSection for Elementor

Most Advanced and Powerful, Responsive Parallax Background effect ever built on Elementor with lots of options.



Amazing Scroll based Parallax Effects with Continuous Effects Options.

Fixed Parallax Background For Amazing UX

Keep Fixed as long as you want

In Mobile It will be like normal background.

Fixed/Normal Background + Kenburn Effect

(Options Available : Speed of Effect + Inverse/Single effect + Reverse Direction In and Out)

Scroll Magic Based Kenburn Effect

Options : Horizontal/Vertical Positions (Initial + Final) + Offset/Duration + Scale values (Initial + Final)

Parallax Fixed Video Background

  • - Source Options : Youtube, Vimeo & Self-hosted

  • - Responsive Fallback Image Options

  • - GIF Option in Mobile/Tablet Version

  • - On Scroll Fixed Background / Normal Background Options

Parallax Fixed Video Background

Scroll Magic Based Background

Options : Horizontal/Vertical Positions (Initial + Final) + Offset/Duration + Scale values (Initial + Final) + Angle Value (Initial + Final)

Parallax Fixed Background

Works Amazingly in Mobile Devices.

Rich Parallax Effect with Cross Browser .

Smoothly Hover around to check Simple Parallax Effect.

Column Parallax Background

Your Comfort is Your Style.

Hover around to check 3D Background Parallax Effect.

firewatch demo The Plus Addons for Elementor

We have created amazing Firewatch Parallax Demo in Elementor using this widget. Take a look at it.

Want to know, How it works?

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