How to use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Gallery Field in Elementor Page builder?

You seem to be a web developer, Who is making complex WordPress Websites Smart Ways. Decide to use ACF Pro’s Gallery field is smart move for your WordPress Website. We come to know, many issues while using ACF Pro’s Gallery field with Elementor, We have a nice solution for your problems, Which will help you setup ACF Gallery Field quickly using Elementor Page Builder and The Plus Addons for Elementor.
Bonus : You can setup same functionality without ACF Pro using plugin ACF Photo Gallery Field By Navneil Naicker, You can download it for FREE from

Initial Setup :

1. You will need Elementor Free or Pro, ACF Pro Or ACF Photo Gallery Field By Navneil Naicker and The Plus Addons for Elementor Pro Version for this ACF Gallery Compatibility.
2. You must be aware of How to Setup ACF Gallery field in your post type. If not, You may look at blog post by ACF Pro team about How to Setup ACF Gallery Field?
If you are going with ACF Photo Gallery Field By Navneil Naicker, You may read more about them in their documentation

Setup of ACF Gallery using “Gallery listing” Widget

1. You need to make Gallery Listing Design and for that You will need to use widget called, “Gallery Listing” from Plus Listing Category in Elementor backend edit panel, If that is not available in elementor backend, You need to make sure, It’s activated from The plus Settings -> Plus Widgets.
image 2020 01 02T10 54 34 247Z The Plus Addons for Elementor
2. You need to use “Gallery Listing” Widget and from that, You need to go to Content Tab as shown in below screenshot. In to that, Select “ACF Gallery” from “Select Option” Field.
image 2020 01 02T10 57 09 355Z The Plus Addons for Elementor
3. Once Select ACF Gallery option, You will have option to write Gallery Field Name, Which you can copy from ACF’s Gallery Field Name.
image 2020 01 02T10 58 15 802Z The Plus Addons for Elementor
4. Once you select those options, Your ACF Gallery Listing is ready to use, You just need to configure other options as per your need of listing design. You may read more about Gallery Listing. Click Here
image 2020 01 02T10 59 49 751Z The Plus Addons for Elementor
You also can take a look at our video tutorial :
YouTube video
Thanks for reading till the end, Hope above article would have helped you to design amazing ACF Gallery Listing using ACF Pro, The Plus Addons and Elementor Page Builder. If you have any further questions, Feel free to reach us using the comment box below.

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